Most of us are in habit to clean ourselves at night and put a lot of moisturizers whereas in the day we keep applying hand cream to keep our skin moist. But what if, we don’t apply moisturizer every day or for weeks, for months, for years? The answer is our skin will have wrinkles, dry-tight, cracked, will look dull. And this is the reason you need to moisturize yourself daily.

The skin is the biggest organ of our body, this organ needs plenty of water to survive like other organs. When we stop drinking water our face began to look dull, patchy, cracked, and dry. Now, it is very much clear that if we don’t moisturize our face and skin there will be more wrinkles and acne over the period of time.

The 6 bad things can happen if you don’t moisturize your face are:

1. Wrinkles: wrinkles and fine lines are almost synonyms to each other, wrinkles occur according to age, as u grow older more of wrinkles and fine lines you will see. But there is another reason also like lack of water intake, no use of skin cream, and no sunscreen, etc. makes the skin becomes dry and tight.

2. Acne: pimple occur when our skin produces extra sebum oil. Every skin has its own oil balance through sebum acid, but if it produces much oil it leads to acne. That is why experts suggest oil-free, noncomedogenic creams.

3. Dry and tight: it is observed by many of us, when there is a lack of water or moisture in our skin, our skin shows certain signs like dryness, tightness on face and lips.

4. Effect on complexion: Change in season is the worst things that happen to face, it makes your complexion dull, patchy and rough. Your skin texture may become worse if you’re not adding moisturizer to your skincare routine.

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5. Makeup: Access make-up make your skin rough and dull, and harsh chemicals present in the make-up steal the moisture of your skin. Make sure to apply light make-up as much it is possible and removes it plain water before going to bed.

6. Oily Skin: Generally people have this myth, that oily skin does not need moisture. But it is not right. Like any other skin, oily skin also demands moisture to stay healthy and balanced. For health and fresh radiant skin, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated and moisturized, keep drinking a lot of fluid and water.