5 Reasons Why a Male Fertility May Be Suffering?

Infertility is not considered as a problem faced by only women, but numerous clinical researches revealed that many men are equally responsible for being infertile. In the contemporary society, lifestyle plays a significant role in determining how fertile one is. According to the experts, here are some factors controlling male fertility.

According to data research, over their lifetime, approximately one in every five couple in the USA seeks infertility care. Men out there have to be put on red alert because your lifestyle could be leading you to infertility and many other associated issues such as erectile dysfunction that may be irreparable and cause great damage to your personal life. However, there are medications to treat erectile dysfunction, many men have already used erectile dysfunction medication and relieved of this sexual dysfunction.

In the last few years, low sperm count in men has taken a serious considering a host of factors, most of which can be due to a faulty lifestyle. Take a look at some unhealthy lifestyle habits that can decrease a man’s fertility, but fortunately, there are steps you can take to manage it.

  1. A Bad Diet-

It is one of the reasons why male fertility is suffering. A bad diet is closely linked to obesity problem which affects your fertility. Therefore, it’s important to consume a healthy diet which includes foods such as nuts, vegetables, fruits to help improve your sperm quality. Add more fruits that contain vitamin C and E. Moreover, drinking orange juice daily can help the defective sperm count drop from 20 to 11%.

  1. Use of Mobile Phones-

There is growing evidence to show that the radio frequency of electromagnetic radiation released by mobile phones can have a  harmful effect on sperm count. You don’t even need to be on a call for a mobile phone to affect your sexual life, as mobile phones keep on receiving and sending the signals to the network. Many men have their Bluetooth constantly on if they have wireless headphones or a smartwatch. One can limit the effect by stop carrying the phone in his trouser pocket.

Furthermore, some mobile phone’s battery runs hot due to inefficient applications running in the background. Such a warm electronic device kept next to your testicles heating them up is only affecting your sperm production abilities. Research demonstrates the impacts on semen quality. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the testicles cool. Using a laptop on your lap can also damage a man’s sperm. Some research studies also suggest that the radiation from smartphones can also contribute to low sperm count.

It is best to keep your phone in a bag or your coat pocket.

  1. Lack of Sleep

We are always told to take enough sleep, but many of us are not managing seven to eight hour sound sleep which causes fertility issues including erectile dysfunction. According to a study, men who slept for less than six hours were less likely to impregnate their partners as compared to those were not able to sleep for eight hours. 7 to 8 hours of sleep is a natural erectile dysfunction cure. You also need to find out the reason behind your poor sleep. It could be stress or an unhealthy lifestyle. Both the factors can affect a man’s sperm quality.

  1. Being Overweight-

If you are overweight, then you may be compromising your fertility. There is evidence that a man’s weight can change his sperm and negatively affect the health of his children in later life. For weight management, it is important to know what should be the ideal weight. Your ideal weight is calculated using an equation called the body mass index (BMI). One can use the BMI calculator online to find out the right weight.

According to studies a man with a BMI of 25 to 30 is considered as overweight and has a lower quantity of sperm. The condition is even worse if your BMI over 30. A man with a BMI over 30 is conserved as obese, and this means the man is three times more likely to have a lower sperm quality.

  1. Smoking And Drinking-

The harmful ingredients in tobacco smoke can destroy sperm cells. Smokers are also more likely to develop other fertility problems such as erectile dysfunction. Luckily, erectile dysfunction treatment is available and you will easily get erectile dysfunction drugs online to treat your erectile issues. Smoking decreases sperm motility increases the number of abnormally shaped sperm and damages sperm’s DNA. On the other hand, drinking alcohol in excess can reduce libido and kill sperm cells.

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