5 Common Health Practices That Are More Harmful Than Good

We all do things, no matter whether the healthy things we do for ourselves are beneficial or not. Surprisingly, some common health practices can be harmful to your health. Read the full article to know how you are hurting yourself by following some healthy practices.

Good or Bad Habits?

In the world of mass media, the news is readily available, and advertisements are all around. Most of us follow them without even a second thought. There are certain things that we have learned from our parents. We all do things to keep ourselves fit and healthy. But we are unaware of the fact that there are probably some things that we do all the time have the potential to cause some harm. Causing sickness or severe health complications in the short term, or serious concerns in the long run.

Living a healthy life is right according to Ayurveda. However, there may be some common habits that seem healthy but are actually harmful. Here is the list of healthy things that we do, leaving you to question the good habits that you do to stay healthy.

  • Drinking filtered water-You may or may not know about the fact that bottled companies filter out minerals that are essential to be healthy when they purify their water. Moreover, fluoride is added to the drinking water. When it is removed, the health of your teeth is in danger. So, the next time when you get a cavity, you might blame your drinking water.
  • Using antibiotics-The frequent use of antibiotic medications create resistant bacteria. Soon these medications will not work for patients with bacterial infections. An antibiotic such as rifampicin carries a risk of pregnancy. Numerous ladies realize that their contraception pills are rendered useless while taking anti-infective drugs. ¬†However, there are few who are not aware of the fact and hazard pregnancy just by taking these pharmaceutical agents.
  • Intake of painkillers-Many people take pharmaceutical drugs to improve their health and to get rid of the pain. A lot of people become habitual of taking painkillers. In fact, a large number of elderly people are addicted to the painkillers prescribed by their healthcare specialist. Moreover, prolonged use of narcotics, such as codeine can change the mind of the users. At times, these progressions might be irreversible and give rise to dementia.
  • Using hand sanitizer-Teachers at school gives full list items that students should bring along with us. The list along with books, copies, lunch, and geometry includes hand sanitizer too. Those might need to think twice if they knew the danger of using hand sanitizer. The product causes wrinkles because it dries out the skin. It contains harmful chemicals that can cause various health problems. The use of hand sanitizer is creating resistant bacteria and viruses. Soon, it will not be used other than to relieve our anxieties.
  • Using Benadryl cough syrup-Benadryl cough syrup is an over the counter prescription liquid solution that seems to have no side effects if taken in limitations. However, recent research revealed worrisome news about this frequently used liquid solution.

The cough syrup as the name suggests helps with allergic reactions such as a cough and cold. Its prolonged use can lead to a significantly higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease in the future.

If you notice an imbalance in your health, take a step back and look at your routine. Maybe the healthy practices you are following causing more harm than doing good. Just follow these simple tips to improve your everyday life.

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