Breast cancer and Sexual Health
The studies have demonstrated that changes to sexual well-being are common, following breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. A study by Susan Williamson, School of Health, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, Lancashire, UK, suggests that 85% of women with breast cancer reported changes to sexual well-being. Some of the commonly felt sex problems are:-

Lack of sexual interest

A significant proportion of women with breast cancer show the symptoms of depression and loss of sexual desire. The quality of the sexual experience declines considerably following breast cancer. A breast cancer patient is given a chemotherapy that supress sexual desire.

Decrease in sexual frequency

There is a reduction in the frequency of sexual activities; sometimes it dips to one or two times per year according to a study. Nearly 80% of the women who develop breast cancer abstain from intercourse.

Menopause symptoms

Many women who have menopause experience dryness in the vagina and loss of tissue elasticity. Similarly, women who get chemotherapy treatment experience vaginal dryness, irritability and mood swings.


Emotional Instability

The patients have negative thoughts and find themselves distracted during sex by negative images and thoughts about their body and appearance.

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