Glypride 4mg

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US Brand Name Glimepiride
Strength 4mg
Generic Name Glimepiride

Glypride 4 mg containing Glimepiride (active ingredient) is an oral blood-glucose-lowering drug of the sulfonylurea class. It is indicated as an adjunct to diet and exercise to improve sugar levels in adults with type 2 diabetes. The medicine is used in people with Type 2 diabetes to minimize increased blood sugar levels. Glimepiride decreases blood sugar levels in diabetic patients by increasing the production and secretion of insulin from the pancreas beta cells. Thus, it helps in controlling increased blood sugar levels after meals.

Consult your doctor for the recommended dose. Take the tablet with breakfast or the first meal of the day. Swallow it water, do not chew or crush it. The treatment should not be stopped even if you feel better without consulting your doctor, as the blood sugar levels keep changing. Sudden treatment discontinuation may increase sugar levels, increasing the risk of vision loss and kidney and nerve damage. Glypride 4 mg tablets should not be taken if you have type 1 diabetes or severe liver or kidney disease. Let your doctor know if you have any heart disease or plan to get pregnant or breastfeed.

  — Glypride 4 mg should not be used in patients with known hypersensitivity to Glimepiride or any of the product’s ingredients. It should not be given to people who are hypersensitive to sulfonamide derivatives.


  — Before taking this antidiabetic medicine, inform your doctor if you are healing from injury, had, or going to have surgery, have a fever, infections, or other sources of stress, as it might be appropriate to adjust care temporarily. If you have a serious liver or kidney impairment or are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult the doctor before using Glypride 4 mg tablet.


  — Hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) may be severe. Ensure proper dosing and instructions, particularly in at-risk populations (ex-elderly and renal impaired) and when used with other antidiabetic drugs.


  — Certain medications may affect glucose metabolism, requiring Glypride 4 mg dose adjustment and close blood sugar monitoring.


  — Severe hypoglycemia may occur when antidiabetic medicine and oral miconazole are used concomitantly.   


  — Coadministration of colesevelam may reduce Glimepiride absorption. Glypride should be administered at least four hours before using Colesevelam.


  — Glimepiride tablets with painkillers like aspirin or ibuprofen can lower your blood sugar.


  — On the other hand, taking this antidiabetic agent with oral contraceptives may increase blood sugar levels.

Commonly reported side effects of taking Glypride 4 mg include low blood sugar levels, headache, nausea, and dizziness. You must recognize the signs of low blood glucose levels, such as headache, sweating, dizziness, and shaking, and know how to deal with them. To prevent hypoglycemia, it is important to have regular meals and carry a fast-acting source of glucose, such as sugary food or fruit juice. Alcohol consumption may increase the risk of low blood sugar levels and should be avoided. Some people may experience an increased weight with this medicine. 

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