Dicorate ER 500mg

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US Brand Name Divalproex Sodium
Strength 500mg
Generic Name Divalproex Sodium

Dicorate ER 500 mg are extended-release tablets used alone or other medicines to treat certain types of seizures. Your doctor may prescribe it as monotherapy and adjunctive therapy in complex partial seizures in adults and paediatrics down to ten years and in complex absence seizures.

Dicorate ER comes as an extended-release tablet for oral administration. In general, the medicine is taken once daily. Follow the directions given on your prescription carefully and use it exactly as directed by your doctor. The extended-release tablet should be swallowed whole and should not be broken or chewed. The anti-convulsant drug takes a couple of weeks to work. It is important to take medicine regularly for the duration it is prescribed to you by a doctor. Missing doses may trigger seizures, and if you completely stop the treatment, your condition may worsen. Sudden treatment discontinuation should be avoided.  

The Dicorate 500 mg may not be suitable for everyone, especially those with certain medical conditions. Therefore, do not take medicine if you have liver problems, are allergic to divalproex sodium, drink alcohol, are pregnant, or breastfeeding. Inform your doctor about depression, suicidal thoughts, mood problems, or have any other medical conditions. Tell your doctor of all the medicines you take, including prescription and non-prescription drugs, vitamins, herbal supplements, and other medicines that you take for a short duration. Taking Dicorate extended-release tablet with certain other medicines can cause side effects or affect how well the medication work. Do not stop the medication without speaking to your doctor. Alcohol consumption should be avoided as it can increase the risk of side effects and increase your seizures. You may need frequent blood tests to help your doctor determine the right dose before starting a medication.

Dicorate ER 500 mg causes side effects such as diarrhea, headache, sleepiness, anxiety, ear pain, muscle pain, confusion, unusual tiredness, weakness, and blurry vision. Most of these adverse effects are not serious and resolves after a few days of the treatment. Keep taking the drug unless instructed by your doctor. But if any of the side effects bother you or do not go away, talk to your doctor straight away. However, if you notice severe redness and skin rash, speak to your doctor. It could develop into a life-threatening condition called Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Long term use of Divalproex sodium cause osteoporosis and may increase your risk of breaking a bone. Such anti-convulsants may cause suicidal thoughts and other unusual changes in the behaviour.  

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