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US Brand Name Atarax
Strength 25mg
Generic Name Hydroxyzine HCl

Atarax is used to assist in the management of anxiety in adults. It contains the active ingredient Hydroxyzine, which is used in the total management of anxiety, tension, and psychomotor agitation in conditions of emotional stress and requires a combined approach of psychotherapy and chemotherapy in most cases. However, it should not be used as the sole treatment for psychosis or demonstrated cases of depression. Hydroxyzine is also useful in alleviating the manifestations of anxiety and tension, as in the preparations for dental procedures and acute emotional problems. Your doctor may also recommend this for managing anxiety associated with organic disturbances and as adjunctive therapy in alcoholism. Atarax is useful in providing symptomatic relief in atopic pruritus. Hydroxyzine belongs to a class o medications known as antihistamines.

Always take Atarax 25 mg as prescribed by your doctor. The dosage should be advised according to the condition of the patient. As with other medications, the dosage should be adjusted according to the patient’s response to therapy. Research studies have not assessed the effectiveness of Atarax in long-term use over four months.   

Clinical data in humans are inadequate to establish safety in early pregnancy. Until such data are available, Atarax is contraindicated in early pregnancy.  

Avoid overdose. The most common side effect of overdosage of Atarax is hypertension.

Atarax is contraindicated for patients with previous hypersensitivity to any component of this medication.   

Caution is required in patients with dementia, seizure disorders, hyperthyroidism, stenosing peptic ulcer, bladder outflow obstruction, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, Decreased GI mobility, myasthenia gravis, increased intraocular pressure, and patients with breathing problems.  

Since drowsiness may occur with this medicine, patients should be cautioned against driving a car or operating machinery that requires your complete attention.

It is still not known whether the medicine is excreted in human milk. Since many medications are excreted, Hydroxyzine should not be given to nursing mothers. Elderly patients are more likely to have decreased real function; therefore, care should be taken. Sedating drugs may cause confusion and over-sedation in the elderly; elderly patients generally be started on low doses of Atarax.

Side effects reported with the administration of Atarax 25 mg are usually mild and transitory. The commonly reported include:

  — Dry mouth

  — Drowsiness is usually mild and may disappear in a few days of continued therapy or upon reduction of the dose. Involuntary motor activity, including rare incidents of tremors and convulsions, has usually been reported with relatively higher doses than recommended.

  — Other undesirable effects of the medicine are allergic reactions, headache, hallucinations, rash, pruritus, and urticaria.          

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