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US Brand Name Valtrex
Strength 1000mg
Generic Name Valacyclovir

Valcivir 1000 mg is a prescription drug given in the treatment of viral infections such as Herpes simplex (oral and genital) and Herpes Zoster (shingles). It prevents Cytomegalovirus disease following organ transplantation. Prophylactically, it is given in herpes viruses in immunocompromised cancer patients. The medicine's active substance is Valacyclovir, which belongs to the class of guanosine analogue antiviral drug (NRTI). The antiviral medication effectively treats multiple viral infections, including herpes simplex, herpes zoster, and genital herpes.

The doctor solely decides the dosage of Valacyclovir after assessing your condition and various factors such as age, gender, and body weight. One cannot fix the dose as it varies from patient to patient. It can be increased or decreased depending upon the patient’s condition. Always take the antiviral medication under the supervision of a doctor.

  • For genital herpes, the recommended dose is 1000 mg twice daily for ten days.
  • For shingles, your doctor may ask you to take medicine thrice daily for seven days.
  • For recurrent genital herpes, it is suggested to take Valcivir 1000 mg once daily, once daily depending upon the recurrence.
  • For Cold sores, Valacyclovir 2000 mg after every 12 hours. 

Always take medicine as directed by your doctor. Do not consume Valcivir is a greater amount than prescribed. It is mostly given once a day. So, the doctor will recommend the best therapeutic dose for you. Consult your doctor before taking you to begin the antiviral treatment. If overdose is suspected, immediately consult with your concerned doctor. Take medical help as soon as possible if you encounter any unusual symptom, including Extreme tiredness, Loss of consciousness, Seizures. Changes in the amount of urine, etc.

You should not take Valcivir 1000 mg if you are allergic to Valcivir 1000 mg, prone to allergies, suffering from kidney problems, had bone marrow transplantation, or have HIV/AIDS or conditions that weaken the immune system. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding a child. 

Always inform your doctor about the drugs you are taking to date. Give a complete list of prescription or non-prescription medications and any other disease conditions. This way, the doctor can decide and give you the list of drugs and other things that may interact with Valacyclovir. Drugs that show interaction include Lithium, Mesalamine, Sulfasalazine, Sirolimus, Kanamycin, Vancomycin, Indomethacin, Bacitracin, and Gentamicin.

Every medicine shows some side effects, the same way this Valcivir 1000 mg also has some undesired effects with it. Valacyclovir shows common side effects such as nausea, joint pain, dizziness, menstrual pain, headache, mild skin rash, stuffy nose, sore throat. Some serious and rare side effects that need serious consideration are lower back pain, drowsiness, swelling and weight gain, confusion and agitation, speech problems, seizures, bloody diarrhoea, weakness or fainting, and less urination than usual.

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