Levoflox 750 mg

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SKU 598
US Brand Name Levaquin
Strength 750mg
Generic Name Levofloxacin

Levoflox 750 mg is a prescription medicine used to treat nosocomial pneumonia, acute bacterial rhinosinusitis, community-acquired pneumonia, acute pyelonephritis, acute bacterial prostatitis, skin or skin structure infections, and urinary tract infections. It is also used to prevent and treat plaque due to Yersinia pestis and reduce the incidence of progression of inhalational anthrax. The medicine contains the active ingredient Levofloxacin, which belongs to the class of drugs known as fluoroquinolone. This third-generation fluoroquinolone antibiotic used for the treatment of bacterial infections. Due to an increased risk of severe side effects (given below in the side effect section), Levoflox should only be given to patients with acute exacerbation of acute bacterial sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, and uncomplicated urinary tract infections who do not have an alternative treatment option. The antibiotic drug effectively treats bacterial infections in adults and children six years of age and above. It cures the infection by stopping the further growth of the bacteria responsible for causing the infection.

Levoflox 750 mg is available as oral tablets that you can take without regard to meals. The usual dose of Levofloxacin will be best decided by your doctor every 24 hours. Swallow the tablet with a glass of water. You are not supposed to break or crush the tablet. Your doctor may ask you to avoid dairy products such as milk, curd, cheese, paneer, butter, and ice cream.  

You should not take Levoflox 750 mg if you are allergic to Levofloxacin or other medicine ingredients. Special care should be taken in people with renal impairment during the entire treatment. Avoid skipping any doses and finish the full treatment even if you feel better than before. Never double up your doses to make up for the missed one. Follow your doctor’s instructions when it comes to taking this antibiotic medication. Alcohol consumption does not cause any harmful side effects, but it is important to inform your doctor if you consume alcohol. The antibiotic is unsafe to use in pregnant ladies as there is not enough evidence to explain if the antibiotic drug can cause damage to the developing baby. However, a doctor may rarely prescribe it in a life-threatening situation if the benefits weigh more than the potential risks. The drug is probably unsafe to use during breastfeeding. Limited clinical evidence suggests that the drug may pass into the breast milk and harm the baby.

You may have dizziness, nausea, and constipation while receiving this antibiotic medication. These side effects are usually temporary and resolve after a few days of initiating the treatment. But if any of them cause trouble or persist for a longer duration. Diarrhea is another side effect of the medicine but is usually resolves once the course is complete. Talk to your doctor straight away if it does not resolve or if you find blood in your stools.

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