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Hisone 20mg


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US Brand Name Hisone
Strength 20mg
Generic Name Hydrocortisone

Hisone 20 mg containing Hydrocortisone is a steroid medicine. It is used as replacement therapy for children with congenital adrenal hyperplasia, which affects the natural levels of steroids in the body. It can also be given pre-operatively and during a serious illness in children with known adrenal insufficiency. Hydrocortisone can also be used to treat severe asthma and allergic reactions. Steroids occur naturally in the body to maintain health and well-being. Boosting your body with corticosteroids is an effective way to treat various illnesses involving inflammation. Hydrocortisone is given to reduce inflammation, which could otherwise worsen your condition.

Take Hisone 20 mg exactly as your doctor has told you. You must check with your doctor if you are not sure. The medicine is available in the form of a tablet for oral administration. The amount you take each day depends on your illness. When used for replacement therapy, the usual dose is 20 mg divided into two daily doses. Do not stop the treatment just because you feel better. You should follow your doctor’s advice on treatment discontinuation. Your dose should be reduced gradually before stopping it completely. Sudden discontinuation may leave you without enough steroid hormones in your body. This may give rise to withdrawal symptoms such as muscle pain, fever, joint pain, painful, itchy skin, swelling of the eyes, and blocked/runny nose.

  — Hisone 20 mg should not be used in patients allergic to the active ingredient or other components present in this formulation.

  — Do not take Hydrocortisone if you have an infection, have been vaccinated recently, or are going to get vaccinated.

  — Talk to your doctor if you have ever had severe depression or bipolar disorder (manic depressive illness).

Contact your doctor if you experience visual disturbances or blurred vision. You must check with your doctor before taking medicine if you have or have had:

Kidney problems, Liver issues, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Glaucoma, Stomach ulcers, Muscle weakness, Tuberculosis, Existing or prevention, Epilepsy, History of glaucoma, heart problems, including recent heart attacks, Thyroid problems, Chickenpox or measles

Like any other pharmaceutical agent, Hisone can also cause side effects, although not everybody who takes medicine gets side effects. If you take medicine as a replacement steroid, you should be less likely to experience side effects than those who use steroids for other illnesses. The risk of side effects may increase when this medicine is used in elderly patients. Let your doctor informed about the following if your experience:

—Itching or skin rashes

—Difficulty breathing or wheeziness

—Swelling of the face, throat, and lips

A steroid drug like Hydrocortisone can cause severe side effects such as mental health problems. Both adults and children commonly experience these side effects. Tell your doctor immediately if you are depressed, anxious, feeling things that do not exist, or having strange or frightening thoughts.  

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