Cortecyclin Oint 3 gm

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SKU 1098
US Brand Name Cortecyclin Oint
Strength 3 gm
Generic Name Tetracycline + Hydrocortisone
Manufacturer Syntho Pharma

Description of the drug:

Cortecyclin Oint 3 gm contains two main active ingredients namely Tetracycline and Hydrocortisone. Tetracycline belongs to a group of medication called polyketide and is produced by Streptomyces. This drug acts as a barrier to bacterial protein synthesis. Hydrocortisone is the main glucocorticoid secreted from the endocrine adrenal gland particularly from the cortex area.

Indications and Usage:

Cortecyclin oint 3 gm is efficiently used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematous, autoimmune diseases like haemolytic anaemia, hepatitis, pulmonary edema, tuberculosis, conjunctivitis, bacterial meningitis, hypoxia in AIDS patients, ulcers, crohns disease, and fatal lymphomas.

Dosage and application:

-Recommended dose:

This ointment can be applied 2 to 3 times every day on the affected area. Wash the affected area properly with cold water. Gently pat dry the affected area with dry cloth or towel.

-Mode of application:

Depending on the severity of the wound you can squeeze a small amount of this ointment onto your fingertips and evenly apply a thin film to the affected area. Gently mix it till the ointment is completely absorbed in the skin. Wash your hands after using this ointment.

-Missed dose:

If you forgot to apply this ointment, there is absolutely no need to worry. Apply this ointment when you remember again as soon as possible for quick and better results


You should always apply only the sufficient quantity of ointment to the affected area. Applying more than the required amount has not been reported to have any better results

Forms and strengths:

Tetracycline Hydrocortisone is available in the form of an ointment and is available in the following strength:

  • Cortecyclin oint – 3 gm

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This drug is contraindicated in several cases like:

  • Pregnant woman
  • Lactating woman
  • Children below 12 years of age

Warnings and precautions:

  • Cortecyclin oint 3 gm drug should be used only on the affected area. If you apply this ointment on your normal skin, it might show some allergic reactions and staining
  • Always consult your doctor before applying this ointment to children. This drug can induce some side effects on tender skin
  • Use Cortecyclin oint 3 gm only when you are prescribed to use it by your doctor. Use of this ointment in patient with acute dermatitis or severe skin infection can be risky
  • When you Cortecyclin oint 3 gm tube online from our website, make sure to keep a note of all the instructions mentioned here and follow them strictly.


Side effects:

Cortecyclin oint 3 gm is known to have some side effects. Some of which are listed here:

  • Infections
  • Edema
  • Arthritis
  • Rash
  • Itch
  • Hives
  • Breathing problems
  • Chest discomfort
  • Swelling in face, lips, tongue
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Burning sensation
  • Irritation
  • Fever
  • Renal complications
  • Acute toxicity
  • Acute dermatitis
  • Dry scaly skin

Drug Interactions:

Following drugs are known to interact with the working of Cortecyclin oint 3 gm drug:

  • Warfarin and other blood thinners – Can increase or decrease the effect
  • Dexamethasone – can alter the working mechanism
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs – can increase or decrease the efficiency of this drug


Tetracycline and Hydrocortisone are the two main active ingredients present in the drug Cortecyclin oint 3 gm. Hydrocortisone is the synthetic analogue of adrenal glucocorticoids and used for the treatment of collagen disease and neoplastic conditions. Tetracycline has bacteriostatic action, which can bind with smaller ribosomal subunit and block the formation of peptide bond in between the incoming amino acids. This metabolite is also known to the ribosomal larger subunit and leading to leakage in the cell membrane and ultimately lysis of the bacteria.


  • Do not refrigerate the medicine
  • Keep the medicine away from the reach of children and pet
  • Store at room temperature
  • Keep the drug away from heat and moisture


This drug is manufactured by one of the transnational company SynthoPharmaceuticals Private Limited. This company is actively involved in manufacturing and fabrication a wide range of drug lines.

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