Aquazide 25 mg

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US Brand Name Hydrodiuril
Strength 25mg
Generic Name Hydrochlorothiazide

Acquazide 25mg contains Hydrochlorothiazide, a diuretic and antihypertensive agent. It is indicated in managing hypertension as the sole therapeutic agent or in combination with other antihypertensive agents. This medicine reduces the excess amount of fluid in the body and treats oedema (fluid overload) associated with liver, kidney, heart, or lung disorders. 

   —  In the treatment of hypertension

Acquazide, a water pill, increases urine output, lowering blood pressure. Lowering blood pressure reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, or renal issues. The medicine must be taken as prescribed by your doctor. You may not usually feel any direct benefit from taking this medicine, but it works in the long term to keep you healthy.  


   —  In the treatment of Edema

Edema occurs when your body retains too much water. Acquazide 25 mg helps you eliminate extra water and electrolytes from your body by increasing the amount of urine produced. This allows your body to get rid of extra water, relieving symptoms such as shortness of breath and swelling in your arms, legs, or abdomen. Therefore, you can perform your daily activities more comfortably.

Acquazide 25 mg makes you lose extra fluid through urine. It may be used alone or in combination with other medicines. Hydrochlorothiazide may be used alone or in combination with other medicines. Take medicine during the daytime to avoid frequent urination at night. One must take the tablet in the dose and duration as advised by the doctor and never stop treatment abruptly without consulting the doctor. Most people with blood pressure do not feel ill, but if you discontinue treatment, your condition may worsen. This may cause your blood pressure to rise again and increase your heart disease and stroke risk. Take medicine regularly and make appropriate changes to get maximum benefits. It is important to test your blood pressure levels regularly. Hydrochlorothiazide is only one part of a treatment program that includes a healthy diet.

Try not to stop taking the medicine of your own. Tell your doctor if you stop the treatment, your blood pressure may rise, and your risk of heart complication increases further. Inform your doctor if you suffer from liver, kidney, or heart disease. If you are pregnant or are breastfeeding, please tell your doctor so that the dose of Acquazide can be prescribed accordingly. Please inform your doctor if you are taking any other medicines or are allergic to Acquazide 25 mg tablet. Reducing the salt intake in your food often relieves the swelling of the body.  

Commonly reported side effects of Acquazide 25 mg to include nausea, weakness, headache, and dizziness. Speak to your doctor if these side effects trouble you. Before taking this water pill, it’s better to let your doctor know if you are dealing with hepatic or renal insufficiency. Also, pregnant and breastfeeding should consult their doctor before taking a hydrochlorothiazide tablet. You must inform your doctor about all the other medicines you are taking apart from Acuazide. Regular monitoring of renal function and electrolytes is important while using this drug.

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