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Veltam F - 0.4 mg + 5 mg

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Customer Reviews

Review by john
I have found that the Tamsulosin hydrochloride ingredient in Veltram F has worked really well for eliminating the trouble men with BHP experience when urinating. Gone are the slow streams or the stopping and starting while urinating. No more leaning forward in an attempt to ease the flow. I've been using Veltram F for six months but I found relief almost immediately upon starting the product. You can be sure I will continue, as I'm about to purchase another six months supply. Although I've never experienced any side effects while using this product the Finasteride ingredient doesn't seem to be shrinking my prostate as it was designed to do. I'll update this post in another six months to share the results, if any.
(Posted on June 04/2017)
Review by Patrick
Seem to have helped, am still using.
(Posted on April 06/2017)
Review by Nelson
Product takes a few days but a nice difference afterwards. Works as advertised.
(Posted on March 21/2017)
Review by Justin
Following taking this product daily for approx two weeks, I am noticing beneficial results and plan on continuing using the product.
(Posted on March 21/2017)
Review by Peter
Product works slowly, but I have noticed improvement.
(Posted on March 20/2017)
Review by Eugene
This is the best prostate supplement I've tried and I've tried a lot of them. Will defiantly reorder.
(Posted on March 20/2017)
Review by Matt
not urinating as much during the night thanks to this product
(Posted on March 01/2017)
Review by Sharon
Quality product, fast service, good packaging ... I'm a happy customer
(Posted on February 28/2017)
Review by Guy
I noticed a difference, going to keep trying it.
(Posted on February 22/2017)
Review by Walsh
Pleasantly surprised at how well this works. I felt better within a week of starting this product. I would very much like a complimentary bottle of this. Please tell me how to get it.
(Posted on February 13/2017)

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