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Syndopa CR 50 200 mg

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SKU 186
US Brand Name Sinemet CR
Strength 50 + 200 mg
Generic Name Carbidopa Levodopa
Manufacturer Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, India

Syndopa CR 50/200 is a sustained-release combination of carbidopa and levodopa to treat Parkinson’s disease. It treats the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease such as stiffness, tremors, and slow movements. These symptoms are caused due to the lack of a natural substance called dopamine in the brain. Levodopa converts to dopamine in the brain, while carbidopa prevents levodopa from being broken down before it reaches to brain. Syndopa CR is supplied as tablets for oral administration. It reduces Parkinson’s symptoms and helps you perform daily activities such as walking, dressing, handling, bathing, handling utensils, etc.  The combination drug is effective in controlling Parkinson’s symptoms but does not cure the condition.

Take Syndopa CR tablet without regards to meals. The medicine may make you drowsy or may cause you to fall asleep even while performing daily activities suddenly. You might not feel drowsy or notice any other warning signs before suddenly falling asleep. Do not drive a car, operate machinery, work at heights, or participate in potentially dangerous activities at the beginning of the treatment. Call me straight away if you fall asleep while doing activities such as talking, watching television, eating, or riding a car. The consumption of this combination drug may alter the color of your saliva, urine, or sweat, and make it red, brown, or black.

It may take up to several months before you feel the full benefits of the medicine. Taking a higher dose than the recommended dose of the medication. The combination of Levodopa/carbidopa can increase the chance of side effects and toxicity. Speak to your doctor if your symptoms do not improve even after a few weeks of taking medicine. Also, let your doctor if you develop unwanted effects related to the medicine. Use it advised by your doctor, or check the prescription for directions before use.

If you are allergic to carbidopa or levodopa, or any other medicine ingredients, talk to your doctor, have ever had skin cancer, narrow-angle glaucoma, history of fits, an ulcer in your gut, kidney, liver, or hormonal problems. You are strongly recommended to take the Syndopa CR tablet in the prescribed dose and duration as advised by your doctor.  

The combination medicine is risky for pregnant women; follow your doctor’s advice. Insufficient clinical evidence for the impact of carbidopa/levodopa on cardiac patients. Speak to your doctor.  It is risky for patients with liver disease and children. The dose should be supervised for elderly patients. Do not take medicine if you have narrow-angle glaucoma or have ever had skin cancer or an unusual mole. Do not hesitate to speak to your doctor if you experience tiredness, nightmares, or hallucinations.  Please consult your doctor immediately if you experience depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or any behavioural changes.

Most side effects of this drug do not require any medical attention and disappear as your body adjusts to the medicine. The common side effects of Syndopa CR include constipation, dizziness, sleepiness, vomiting, anxiety, abnormal dreams, nausea, insomnia, abnormality of voluntary movements: headache, dryness in the mouth, orthostatic hypotension.

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