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SKU 1041
US Brand Name Prograf
Strength 5mg
Generic Name Tacrolimus
Manufacturer Zydus, India

Pangraf 5 mg is used to prevent organ rejection in patients receiving allogeneic kidney transplants, heart transplants, and liver transplants. The tablets are a type of tacrolimus immediate-release drug. Your doctor will decide if you are a suitable candidate for this immunosuppressive drug. Tacrolimus formulation requires careful monitoring by adequately qualified and equipped health care personnel. This once-a-day formulation should only be prescribed, and changes in the dosing regimen initiated by the doctors experienced in immunosuppressive therapy.

Pangraf is a Tacrolimus drug available at the strength of 5 mg. This immunosuppressive therapy required careful monitoring, and the medicinal product should only be prescribed and change in immunosuppressive treatment and the management of transplant patients.     

The initial oral Pangraf 5 mg dosage recommendations for adult patients with liver, kidney, or heart complications. Dose adjustment should be made under medical supervision. It is recommended that the oral daily dose be administered in two divided doses. Swallow the tablet with water. The tablet should be administered on an empty stomach or at least an hour before or 3 to 3 hours after a meal.  For best results, you should be consistent with the medicine use.  

Pangraf 5 mg should not be used if you are hypersensitive to the active substance of the medication or any of the excipients of the drug. 

Do not consume grapefruit while taking Pangraf 5 mg. Take this immunosuppressive drug exactly as your doctor has told you. Your doctor may make dose adjustments if needed. Do not discontinue treatment without speaking to your doctor. You may take the tablet before or after consuming food. Taking too many tablets can harm you if you accidentally take too many tablets, call your doctor right away. While you take a Tacrolimus tablet, you should not receive any live vaccine. Limit sun exposure, avoid tanning booths and lamps. Wear protective clothing and use a sunblock of SPF of at least 30.      

The most frequent side effects of Pangraf 5 mg are anorexia, central nervous system toxicity, dizziness, diarrhea, impaired cognition, nausea, leukopenia, anxiety, general weakness, and hyperkalemia.  Pangraf can cause serious side effects. High blood pressure is also associated with Pangraf. Your doctor may perform blood tests to check for diabetes. Call your doctor straight away if you have symptoms of high blood sugar. These include confusion, blurred vision, frequent urination, loss of appetite, drowsiness, fruity smell on your breath, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, increased thirst, or hunger. Patients receiving Tacrolimus therapy may experience nervous system problems; the symptoms are a serious and common side effect of this immunosuppressive drug. Let your doctor know if you develop headaches, seizures, tremors, confusion, change in behaviour, changes in your vision, numbness, and tingling. Your doctor may perform blood tests to check your potassium level.

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