Monocef 250 mg Inj.

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US Brand Name Rocephin
Strength 250 mg Inj.
Generic Name Ceftriaxone Sod
Manufacturer Aristo Pharamaceuticals Pvt Ltd, India

Monocef, 250 g injection, contains the active ingredient Ceftriaxone, which belongs to a class of drugs known as cephalosporin antibiotics. It acts by killing the bacteria or preventing their growth. However, this medicine is ineffective at treating colds, flu, or other virus infections. Monocef injections are usually prescribed for treating infections of the brain (meningitis), lungs  (pneumonia), ear, skin and soft tissues,  urinary tract, blood,  bones and joints, and heart. It may also be used to prevent infections during surgery. Ceftriaxone is given as an injection directly into the vein or a muscle under the supervision of a doctor.    

A doctor should administer Monocef injection, so do not self-administer. He will decide the correct dose of the drug for you. This medicine will usually be administered regularly at evenly spaced intervals as per the recommended schedule. Do not miss doses and finish the entire course even if you feel better. Stopping the medicine too early can lead to the recurrence or worsening of the infection.

Before receiving the medicine, inform your doctor if you are allergic to cephalosporins, penicillin,  or other antibiotics. Also, speak to him before taking Monocef  1 mg injection if you have/had received calcium-containing products, recently had diarrhoea after taking antibiotics, kidney stones, bowel inflammation or other illnesses. Avoid taking antacids along with Ceftriaxone and maintain a gap of at least 2 to 3 hours between both. Speak to your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The injection may cause dizziness, so be careful while driving. Do not drink alcohol to prevent unpleasant side effects.

In some cases, Monocef 1 gm injection may cause side effects such as rashes, diarrhoea, changes in the results of blood and liver tests, and an increase or decrease in the number of white blood cells and platelets. Some people may also develop temporary redness or pain at the injection site. Most of these side effects are mild, but let your doctor know if one bothers you or disappears.

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