Glucobay 50 mg

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US Brand Name Precose
Strength 50mg
Generic Name Acarbose
Manufacturer Bayer HealthCare AG

Glucobay is an anti-diabetic agent used to lower blood sugar in patients with high blood sugar. It is specially formulated for adults with type 2 diabetes who cannot achieve sufficient glycaemic control by exercise, diet, and weight loss programme alone. Your doctor may prescribe it alone or other drug treatment for type 2 diabetes to achieve better control over raised blood sugar levels. It can be used when an anti-diabetic drug has not proved effective enough on its own. It contains the active substance Acarbose, which works by slowing down certain enzymes that break down food to release glucose in your body. Slowing food digestion will help prevent large spikes in blood sugar levels following a meal, thus controlling blood sugar levels.

Ensure that you use Glucobay 50 mg exactly as your doctor has told you to keep your sugar level under control. In general, it is taken thrice daily.  It is usually taken with meals to slow down the action of certain chemicals in the intestines that break down food to release glucose into your bloodstream. Swallow the tablet with water immediately before eating. The recommended dose is 50 mg once daily. Your doctor will determine the dose and frequency of medication which usually depends upon the patient’s blood sugar levels. The dosage instructions will be given on the prescription. If you miss a dose, initiate your regular medication regimen again with your next meal. 

Glucobay 50 mg may not be suitable for everyone; therefore, it is important to use it under the supervision of a doctor. Some people should only use it with special care and should be strictly avoided by anyone who has an allergy to Acarbose, have decreased liver function, ulcerative colitis, ulceration in the bowel, chronic diseases of the gut, intestinal blockage, hernia, and diabetic ketoacidosis. Do not take Glucobay with antacids because antacids could make it less effective. If you need to take an antacid, take between meals at least two hours after taking your Acarbose pill. Also, avoid taking digestive enzymes as these reduce the mechanism of action of your anti-diabetic agent. Be sure to tell your doctor if you are taking neomycin and cholestyramine.  The medication may interfere with certain heart medicines like digoxin. Your doctor should be aware of all medicines, including herbal supplements and medicines you buy without a prescription. 

Glucobay 50 mg can cause side effects that can be mild, temporary, or permanent. Contact your doctor if you experience side effects and if they are severe or bothersome. Your doctor will be able to advise you on managing side effects. The common ones include diarrhoea, bloating or gas, abdominal or stomach pain. Although most of the side effects occur very often, they could lead to serious health problems if you do not see immediate medical attention.

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