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US Brand Name Comtan
Strength 200mg
Generic Name Entacapone

Entacom is available as a tablet containing 200 mg of Entacapone. It is used in treating Parkinson’s disease as an adjunct to levodopa/carbidopa treatment. Entacom does not affect relieving the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease unless used with levodopa. For best results, use this medicine under a doctor’s supervision.

Always take Entacom 200 mg exactly as your doctor has told you. Check with your doctor if you have any doubts regarding the usage of the medicine. Entacom is used in combination with medicine containing levodopa. You may also use other medicines containing levodopa. You may also use other medicines to treat Parkinson’s disease. The recommended dose of Enatcapone with each levodopa dose. The maximum recommended dose is ten tablets per day. If you are receiving dialysis for renal insufficiency, your doctor may ask you to increase the time between doses. Experience with Entacom in patients under 18 years is limited. Therefore, the use of Entacapone in children can’t be recommended.     

You should not take Entacom 200 mg if you have the following:

    — Allergy to Entacapone or any of the ingredients of this medicine

    — Liver disorders

    — Tumour of the adrenal gland

    — Taking certain medications antidepressants

    — Suffered from a rare condition to antipsychotic medicines called neuroleptic malignant syndrome

    — Suffered from a rare muscle disorder called rhabdomyolysis, which was not caused by injury

    — Ever had a rare reaction to antipsychotic medicine called a neuroleptic malignant syndrome.


Talk to your doctor before taking an Entacapone tablet if any of the following applies to you:

    — Have ever had a heart attack or any other diseases of the heart

    — Experience prolonged diarrhea; talk to your doctor as it may be a symptom of an inflammation of the colon.

    — Have ever had a heart attack or any other disease of the heart

    — You are taking a medicine that may cause dizziness or light-headedness when rising from a lying or sitting position.

    — You experience weakness, weight loss, exhaustion, and weight loss within a relatively short time.


Inform your doctor if you and your loved ones develop urges or cravings to behave abnormally that could harm yourself or others.   

The dose of other medicines to treat Parkinson’s disease may need to be adjusted when taking Entacom tablets. Entacapone tablets may cause drowsiness and may cause you to suddenly fall asleep. If this happens, you should not drive or use any tools or heavy machines.  

Common side effects of Entacom 200 mg are:

    — Heat or artery disease events

    — Feeling sick

    — Uncontrolled movements with difficulty in performing voluntary movements

    — Harmless reddish-brown discoloration of urine

    — Excessive movements, prolonged muscle cramps, and worsening symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

    — Hallucinations, confusion, vivid dreams, and sleeplessness

    — Constipation, dry mouth, diarrhea, and abdominal pain


Tell your doctor if you experience any of these behaviors; they will discuss ways of managing or reducing the symptoms. If you get any side effects, speak to your doctor. This includes side effects not listed in this medication guide.  

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