Desowen Lotion 0.05% (30 ml)


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US Brand Name DesOwen
Strength 0.05% (30 ml)
Generic Name Desonide

Desowen lotion 0.05% (30ml) treats mild to moderate atopic dermatitis in patients three months and older. Doctors prescribe this lotion to treat the redness, itching, and swelling associated with several skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. Desowen lotion contains the active ingredient Desonide, a corticosteroid that constricts the skin's blood vessels and affects the production of natural chemicals, which causes redness and swelling.

Follow all the directions given on your prescription. They may differ from the information given here in this information guide. If you do not understand the instructions, ask your dermatologist for help. Desowen lotion is for topical use only.  

Before using the lotion, shake it well. Apply a thin film to the affected areas twice or thrice daily, depending on the severity of the skin problems. The lotion should not come into contact with the eyes, eyelids, lips, or the lining of the nose and mouth. Do not apply it on broken skin or over wounds. If you use it more often or less often than you should, it may not work well, and your skin condition may not improve. Do not use the product for more than eight weeks. Like with any other topical medication, wash your hands carefully after application. 

If you use Desowen lotion for longer than the prescribed period, the chances of side effects may increase. Prolonged and intensive treatment with Desonide solution may cause suppression of the immune response, opportunistic infections, and other skin conditions.

If you feel Desowen lotion is not helping your condition, please check with your dermatologist. Do not use the topical medication in or near the eyes and eyelids. Seek immediate medical advice if you experience blurred vision or other visual disturbances after using Desonide lotion. You should not use this topical formulation on children under two years of age. Do not use it to treat other complaints unless your dermatologist advises.

The more common side effects of Desowen lotion include acne, skin burning sensation, and inflammation of hair follicles. Take immediate medical help if you notice eczema, skin lesions, local signs of skin irritation, itching of the skin, eye-stinging, headache, stretch marks, aggravation of rosacea, hives, and skin discoloration. Some people may get other side effects while using Desonide lotion. Also, do not get alarmed by the list; you may not get all the side effects listed in this medication guide.


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