Demelan Cream 20gm

Glycolic Acid 10%, Arbutin 5% , Kojic Acid 2%

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SKU 2179
US Brand Name Demelan
Strength 20gm
Generic Name Glycolic Acid 10%, Arbutin 5% , Kojic Acid 2%
Manufacturer Glenmark, India

Demelan Cream 20mg

This cream is rich with its active ingredients that are used to treat hyperpigmentation, dark patches and melasma. Demelan is an effective anti-pigmentation cream that helps to remove all your dark spots speedily. It reduces pigmentation, dark spots, discoloration age spots, and evens out your skin tone to make it bright, healthy and radiant.

There are other widely used skin whitening products available over the counter to treat pigmentation such as Hydroquinone. You must be curious to know why you should try this new product when many other options are there in the market. Well, the power of Demelan Cream's active ingredients makes it one of the best selling product for treating many skin issues. Each ingredient of them contains excellent bleaching effects, with a minor probability of side effects if used properly.

How Demelan Cream works?

If you have melasma and hyperpigmentation, this is the best cream you need to try out. The cream works as a whitening agent used in treating hyperpigmentation disorders, especially melasma. It reduces excessive melanin synthesis and prevents skin discoloration.

This Demelan cream is a blend of acids, that has exfoliating properties which remove dead skin cells from inside the layer and helps in the formation of glowing new skin. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect in this cream helps in reducing and overproduction of melanin (which results in dark spots on the skin), diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, pores and other signs of aging, improving the appearance and texture of the skin. The best part of this cream is that it doesn’t contain hydroquinone, which causes adverse effects and is less tolerable. Demelan cream works on all skin types and has been recommended for people with sensitive skin.

The application of Demelan Cream

You can apply this cream before going to bed. If you are using any skincare routine, you should apply it after removing makeup and washing your face. Try not to apply any other cream or moisturizer after applying this cream, so that it does not block the effects of Demelan. Dermatologists usually recommend this cream to apply for short periods of time or you can apply it in alternate days until you reach full tolerance to the drug. Once the desired skin tone is achieved, you can stop using the medication otherwise you will run the risk of over spilling the area creating a white spot.

The uses of Demelan Cream

No one wants highly pigmented and blotchy skin. Demelan cream is specially formulated to treat pigmentation issues. So, if you are the one, dealing with any of the below conditions, use Demelan cream and say goodbye to them:

  • Hyperpigmentation: This cream claims to treat hyper pigmentation in cases like dark spots or post inflammation cases. It gets absorbed quickly in the skin and prevents further darkening.
  • Melasma: Demelan cream is widely used for treating melasma. When applied topically, this medicine helps in reducing melasma formation while fading the marks.
  • Tan: Demelan works effectively in removing tan from the skin caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Wounds: This cream is also used in cases after the wound has healed properly, to lighten the wound scars.
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    Generic For : Alustra
    Active Ingredients : Hydroquinone
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    Generic For : Retin A Cream
    Active Ingredients : Tretinoin
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    Generic For : Retin A Cream
    Active Ingredients : Tretinoin
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    Generic For : Retino A Micro
    Active Ingredients : Tretinoin
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    Generic For : Triluma
    Active Ingredients : Hydroquinon 4%, Tretinoin 0.05%, Fluocinolone 0.01% Topical Cream
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