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US Brand Name Uroxatral
Strength 10mg
Generic Name Alfuzosin

Description of the drug

Alfuzosin is a pharmaceutical substance belongs to the alpha-1 blocker class. It is an aromatic heterocyclic compound containing one or more amino group. Alfuzosin is considered as a quinazoline compound with smooth muscle-relaxing activity. It got the FDA approval for treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BHP) in June 2003.

Indications and Usage

Alfuzosin is used for the treatment of BHP (enlargement of the prostate) which causes the problem in urination. BHP is also known as Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH).

Dosage and Administration

1. Recommended dose:

The recommended dose is one 10 mg Alfusin extended-release tablet once daily.

2. Method of Administration

Take Alfuzosin with the same meal every day. The tablets should not be chewed or crushed. When you buy Alfusin 10 mg online, take a note of the administration instructions mentioned here. Also, follow the directions given by your doctor.

3. Missed dose:

Missing several doses one after another raises additional problems. For a drug like Alfuzosin with long half-lives, it can take a significant time to re-establish therapeutic concentrations when regular dosing resumes unless loading doses are given.

4. Overdose:

Seek immediate medical help without any hesitation, in the case of overdose.

Forms and Strengths

Alfuzosin is a drug that is available in the following strength:

 Alfusin 10 mg
 Alfusin 20 mg

You can buy Alfusin 10 mg online from our website in the form of a tablet.


The drug is contraindicated:

In patients with moderate to severe liver problems
In patients with known hypersensitive to any of the tablet’s components
For use with ketoconazole, Ritonavir, and Itraconazole, since Alfuzosin blood levels are increased.

Warnings and precautions

Orthostatic hypotension (a condition where blood pressure falls rapidly when a person stands up after sitting for a long time) may occur within a few hours following administration of Alfuzosin. Patients are warned of the possible occurrence of such events and should avoid situations where injury could result in orthostatic hypotension. There may be an increased risk of hypotension when taking Alfusin tablets concomitantly with anti-hypertensive medicines and nitrates. Care should be taken when the drug is given to patients with symptomatic hypotension or patients who have had a hypotensive response to other medicines.

Caution should be exercised when the drug is administered in patients with kidney problems. If you have a kidney disorder, please tell your doctor before consuming the medicine.

Prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia cause many of the same symptoms. Both diseases frequently coexist. Therefore, patients thought to have enlargement of the prostate should be examined before starting the treatment with Alfuzosin to rule out the presence of prostate cancer.

Side effects

The side effects reported most frequently at the recommended dose of Alfuzosin are:

• Runny or stuffy nose
• Tiredness
• Decreased sexual ability
• Headache
• Burning sensation in the heart
• Nausea

Some other side effects of the drug may include:

• Sudden dropping of blood pressure
• Blurred vision
• Priapism or prolonged erection
• Lightheadedness or Dizziness
The side effects of this medication are not restricted to the ones mentioned above. Inform your doctor right away if you observe any unwanted non-therapeutic effect.


Alfusin comprises of an active ingredient called Alfuzosin hydrochloride. Alfuzosin works by inhibiting the alpha (1) adrenoreceptors in the lower urinary tract that leads to a wide opening of the urethra and bladder neck, causing less resistance in urine flow.

Drug interactions

These are the drugs that can alter the pharmacological effect of Alfuzosin:
• Antimalarial drugs
• Warfarin (a blood thinner)
• Erectile dysfunction medicines
• Migraine headache
• Antifungal medicines
• Anti-arrhythmic drugs
• Antidepressants
• Anti-malaria drugs
Ask your doctor and get the full list of drugs that may increase the possibility of drug interactions or interfere with the effectiveness of Alfuzosin.

Storage information

Alfuzosin should be stored in a safe place that is away from heat and moisture. Do not refrigerate. Keep it out of the reach of children and pets. Do not keep the medicine out in the open.


Alfuzosin is manufactured by an Indian pharmaceutical manufacturing company named Cipla Limited. Cipla is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, located in Mumbai, India. You can easily buy Alfusin 10 mg online from our website and have it delivered at your doorstep.


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