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Alcohol and drug addiction

About Alcohol and drug abuse

According to the National Council of Alcoholism and drug dependence, one in every 12 adults American suffers from alcohol abuse. It has become the nation’s number one problem, and people have started considering addiction as a disease. It has become a matter of concern as it affects millions of people by posing implications on the economy, health care system, marital and family life.

Alcohol is a colorless volatile liquid found in beer, wines and spirits that cause intoxication. Consumption of alcohol at moderate levels has shown loads of health benefits. As everyone knows excess of everything is bad so same goes for alcohol too. Uncontrolled intake of alcohol can put your health in hazardous circumstances. Alcoholics switch to narcotic drugs to overcome the addiction. Regular intake of narcotic drugs increases the chances of drug abuse in an alcoholic person. 

Drug dependence is the addiction on some illegitimate drugs or alcohol despite knowing the substance will cause problems later in life.

Causes of alcohol and drug addiction:

There is no specified cause of alcoholism/ drug addiction. Consumption in excess can change the judgmental and analyzing capacity of the brain that leads to increased craving of addictives. There are certain risk factors that can cause this condition such as:

• The age factor is one of the most common reasons for addiction. Teen puts themselves at a higher risk of getting dependent on alcohols and drugs 
• A person who has a family history addiction is at higher risk due to environmental factors
• Male are anyhow more susceptible than female for becoming physical dependent on addictives
• Mental disorders like depression, schizophrenia and anxiety makes the person prone to drinking/ smoking drugs
• Friends and peers have a great impact on individual’s minds. They can compel you to indulge in drinking activity
• People having narcotic drugs and tobacco are more prone to drink

Signs and Symptoms:

1. Marijuana: 

• Red eyes
• Loud talking
• Inapt laughter followed by lethargy
• Loss of interest

2. Alcohol: 

• Recurrent hangovers
• Careless drinking before driving
• Excessive binge drinking

3. Depressants: 

• Constricted pupils
• Difficulty concentrating
• Clumsiness 
• Poor decision making ability
• Slurred verbal communication
• Sleepiness

4. Stimulants 

• Dilated pupils 
• Hyperactivity 
• Euphoria 
• Bad temper
• Nervousness

5. Inhalants (glues, aerosols, vapors): 

• Watery eyes
• Vision problems
• Memory problems
• nose or mouth rashes
• Headaches and nausea

6. Hallucinogens (LSD, PCP): 

• Dilated pupils
• Strange and unreasonable behavior including paranoia
• Antagonism
• Hallucination

7. Heroin: 

• Constricted pupils
• Insensitivity of pupils to light
• Needle marks
• Sleeping at unusual times
• Sweating
• Vomiting
• Coughing
• Sniffling
• trembling
• Loss of appetite

Adverse effects of the problem:

Addiction on drugs or alcohol is responsible for creating some life-changing problems:

• Mishappenings
• Sudden demises
• Health exertiona
• Family, financial and social issues

Preventive measures:

The following strategies or steps can be taken to avoid the used of alcohol and illegitimate drugs:

• Educate people to handle stress and uneasiness
• Train them the ways to strengthen the self-esteem
• raise the taxes on tobacco and other alcoholic products to cut down their use
• Put a check on marketing and advertisements of the addictive substances

Common Anti-addiction medicines:

Some universal anti-addiction drugs that you can buy online are:

• Naltima
• Acamprol
• Dizone etc.

Myths and facts:

Myth: if you are pregnant and use drugs then your body will protect your baby

Fact: drugs affect the unborn child much more than any other person and even the mother who is taking drugs. The child who is still in the womb may get addicted or may have some mental or physical health issues

Myth: Teenagers can’t get addicted as theya re very young

Fact:No, as habit of illegal drugs and alcohol can happen at any age. A teenager is at a very high risk of getting addicted due to environmental and companion pressures.

Diagnosis of addiction:

Diagnosis if addiction is done by screening by a doctor who will rule out whether the person is addicted or is at risk stage. After the preliminary diagnosis, he is sent for the blood test to identify the presence of the drug in the bloodstream of the patient.If the drug is found to be present, the patient is sent for the further tests and subsequently the treatment also.

Treatment for addiction:

Treatment of alcohol addiction is a time taking the process and requires a lot of patience. The alcoholic person at times may feel that alcohol-free life is impossible but in reality it is possible, for this all you need to maintain never give up attitude. There are various measures that can be done to make your life alcohol free. Treatment varies from person to person. 

Different measures for the treatment of alcohol are as follows:

1. Counseling- Discussing the things with the expert professional can help you in guiding and planning the right strategy for tackling the condition. Cognitive behavioral therapy is commonly used to treat alcohol/drug addiction. The counselor will help you in managing your stress levels and warns you about the potential hazards of drinking alcohol/ consuming drugs.
2. Detoxification- In this alcohol/drug is flushed out of the body and is taken to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are the serious side effects shown by the body when an individual reduces or stops alcohol consumption. It happens because of the hyper excitable state of the brain. Symptoms can range from mild like sleep disturbances and anxiety to life-threatening conditions such as convulsions or seizures. 
a. Disulfiram and Chlordiazepoxide are the commonly prescribed drugs for this condition
3. Drug therapy- Naltrexone and Acamprosate are the most preferred drugs that help in reducing the craving for alcohol. It is prescribed for 12 months and is given during the early stages of self-control when there is maximum chance of relapse.Minor side effects associated with this are diarrhea, allergic reaction, and irregular heartbeats. 
b. Acamprosate is USFDA approved drug for the treatment of addiction
4. Parenteral drugs – Monthly injection of Naltrexone helps the person to live alcohol-free life who cannot take oral medicine
5. Rehabilitation centers – These are specially created for the alcohol/drug dependent patients. Patients can stay in a rehabilitation center for the treatment. The main purpose is to cease the use of alcohol to prevent harmful consequences. They adopt various strategies to encourage the patients to stay away from alcohol. They help patients to identify, avoid and cope up with the relapse situation. They motivate the patient and try to inculcate the positive thinking and keeps on boosting their confidence.

You can buy cheap and reliable alcohol and drug treatment medicines online from various reputed online pharmacies.

Steps to improve the health:

Self restraining from alcohol is very important to prevent further damage to your body. Changes in routine life are beneficial for the alcoholics. Problem drinking can be managed by improving the social circle of an alcoholic. Don’t indulge yourself in any activity that can impair your recovery process such as smoking. Take spiritual help, do regular exercise, meditation and develop good habits

The important thing to know:

Keep your mind preoccupied with involving yourself in recreational activities. Read good motivational stuff to enhance your confidence and never lose hope.


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