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US Brand Name Coumadin
Strength 2 mg
Generic Name Warfarin

Warf 2 mg is a blood thinner drug vital to preventing and treating heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots in veins and arteries. It is employed in coagulation disorders. This drug was derived from dicoumarol, which was discovered by spoiled sweet clover-based animal feeds. Coagulation is a process that results in blood cessation from a damaged vessel, along with repairs. It is a natural, inherent bleeding cessation process; if interrupted, uncontrolled bleeding can occur, resulting in haemorrhage or bruising. Warfarin is a blood-thinning drug that prevents clot formation in heart vessels such as veins, arteries, and veins.

Warf 2 mg tablet is taken exactly as prescribed by your doctor.  Swallow the tablet with a full glass of water. Don’t crush or chew the tablet. The medicine can be taken with or without food once a day. The dose intake usually depends upon your condition. Dose adjustments are made after evaluating your response to the medicine. Always take medicine as per the prescription. Take medicine as long as recommended by the doctor. Always ask the doctor before stopping the drug intake. Your doctor will perform a regular blood test to check for your response to Warfarin. If you miss a dose of Warf 2 mg, call your doctor. Take the dose as soon as possible on the same day you missed it. Do not take two doses of Warfarin the next day to make up for a missed dose.

Do not take Warf 2 mg if your chance of having a bleeding problem is higher than the possible benefit of treatment. Your doctor will decide if Warf is an appropriate drug for you. Speak to your doctor about all your health conditions. Avoid taking Warfarin if you are pregnant or plan to conceive. Warf is contraindicated if you are allergic to Warfarin or other medicine ingredients.

Tell your doctor about all health conditions, including if you:

     — Have bleeding disorders

     — Have liver or kidney disease

     — Have diabetes

     — Have a heart disease called congestive heart failure

     — Have high blood pressure

     — Fall often

     — Drink alcohol


Inform your doctor about all your medicines, including prescription, non-prescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements.   

Some foods can interact with Warfarin and affect your treatment. Avoid drinking cranberry juice or eating cranberry.


Warf 2 mg is very important for your health, but it can cause serious and life-threatening bleeding. Other side effects of the drug include allergic reaction, low blood pressure, low red blood cells, fever, rash, and swelling. Call your doctor if you have side effects that become bothersome. These are not all the side effects of Warf 2 mg. For more information, ask a doctor.

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