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US Brand Name Actigall
Strength 300 mg
Generic Name Ursodeoxycholic Acid

Udiliv is available as a 300 mg capsule suitable for oral administration. It contains the active ingredient Ursodeoxycholic acid, which influences the composition of bile, by which cholesterol gallstones can be solved. Ursodeoxycholic acid induces a protective effect on the liver and an effect on the immune system.

Udiliv 300 effectively treats patients:

   — With gallstones

   — Who do not want to undergo surgery or are not eligible for gallstone surgery

   — In whom the excessive amount of cholesterol has been found in the bile


Ursodeoxycholic acid tablets treat patients with primary biliary cholangitis (a chronic disease in which liver tissue is damaged by impaired bile drainage).   

The medicine is used in children aged six to 18 with liver and biliary disorders caused by cystic fibrosis (an inherited disease that causes thick sticky mucus to build up in organs). This may cause, among other conditions, clogging and inflammation in the liver and the bile ducts.     

Your doctor will determine your dose based on your body weight. Take the tablet with a glass of milk or a small snack after a meal. Be sure to distribute the number of tablets throughout the day.

   — Dissolving of gallstones: Two or three tablets of 300 mg per day 

   — Primary biliary cholangitis (damage to liver tissue by impaired bile flow) - The recommended amount is two to four tablets of 300 mg.

   — The recommended dose for disorders of the liver and biliary tract caused by cystic fibrosis is two to five tablets of 300 mg.


The duration of treatment usually depends on the size of the gallstone but is usually not shorter than four months. Treatment should not be stopped prematurely, even if the symptoms have resolved. An X-ray or an ultrasound can show that the gallstones have disappeared completely when the gallstones have disappeared completely and are shown with the aid of an ecogram. The treatment should be continued for three to four months.

The use of Udiliv in treating primary biliary cholangitis and disorders of the liver and the biliary system because of cystic fibrosis will usually be maintained continuously to maintain the protective effect of Ursodeoxycholic acid. Please contact your doctor if you have any further questions about this medicine.  

Do not take Udiliv tablets if you have:


   — Narrowing or blockage of the bile ducts

   — Acute inflammation of the gallbladder of the bile ducts

   — Calcified gallstones that do not transmit X rays

   — Gall bladder that cannot properly constrict anymore

   — An active gastric or duodenal ulcer


Also, avoid the use if you are allergic to bile acids or other medicine ingredients.

This medicine must be used under medical supervision. Your doctor should examine your liver every four weeks during the first three months of treatment. Afterwards, this should be done every three months.  

Women who use Ursodeoxycholic acid tablets for dissolving gallstones should stop using the contraceptive pill and other methods used to prevent pregnancy because the hormones in the birth control pills can promote the production of gallstones.

Common side effects of Udiliv 300 include pasty stool or diarrhoea. If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor.

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