Treticon Forte Cream 0.05% (20gm)


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SKU 2714
Generic Name Tretinoin
Manufacturer Suyaash Pharmaceuticals

Treticon Forte cream 0.05% is a prescription treatment for patients with acne vulgaris. It contains tretinoin, effective in treating mild, moderate, and severe acne when used correctly. 

Treticon Forte cream works deep inside and takes time. You cannot make the product work any faster by applying more than once a day, but an excess medication may cause skin irritation. There may be some discomfort or peeling of the skin during the initial days of the treatment. These reactions do not happen to everyone. If they do, think your skin is adjusting to the medication, which usually resolves within a few days. If tretinoin benefits you, you will notice a continued improvement in your skin's appearance after six to two weeks of the treatment. Don't get discouraged if you do not see immediate improvement. Also, do not discontinue treatment at first signs of improvement.

It is necessary to use this product properly to get the best results from Treticon cream 0.05%. When used correctly, you may see complete improvement within 6 to 8 weeks of the regular application. Apply the product daily before bedtime or as directed by your dermatologist. Your dermatologist may advise that you start your treatment by applying the medication every other night, especially if your skin is sensitive. First, gently wash the affected area with mild soap and dry your skin. The skin needs to get completely dry to minimize possible irritation. It is always best not to use more than the amount suggested by the dermatologist or more frequently than instructed. Keep the topical medication away from the corners of the mouth, nose, eyes, and mouth. Spread formulation away from these areas when applying the product.  

Treticon should be discontinued if allergic to tretinoin or any other ingredients in the formulation. Caution if the patient already has sunburn, eczema, or photosensitivity. Use a mild, non-medicated soap during the treatment. Avoid frequent washing or scrubbing too harshly when using Treticon Forte cream. Use other topical or oral medications only on your physician's advice. Only your physician can tell you if other medications may be helpful during tretinoin treatment and will suggest them to you if necessary. Follow your physician's directions carefully. Additionally, avoid using formulations that can dry or irritate your skin. Such preparations may include astringents containing alcohol, lime, spice, or certain medicated soaps, shampoos or hair solutions.

Topically administered tretinoin's most common side effects are skin pain, irritation, rashes, and erythema. If any of these get troublesome, talk to your physician. The users of tretinoin may experience excessive dryness. However, regular application of moisturizer can reduce dryness and skin peeling to some extent.

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