Tiova Rotacaps 18 mcg with one Rotahaler

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US Brand Name Spiriva Rotacaps
Strength 18 mcg
Generic Name Tiotropium Bromide

Tiova Rotacaps 18 mcg relaxes the muscles of these airways. It helps the airways in your lungs to stay open. This makes it breathing easier. Its regular use as prescribed by the doctor relieve symptoms such as shortness of breath, tightness in your chest, wheezing, and coughing. The medicine has the active substance Tiotropium bromide, which is an anticholinergic medicine. It helps you carry out your daily activities more easily. The effect of the medicine usually starts within a few minutes and last up to several hours. Do not stop the treatment unless your doctor advises you.

Tiotropium also prevents the onset of an asthma attack when taken before exercise or exposure to some triggers, including pollen, house dust, and cigarette smoke. This asthma medication will allow you to exercise more freely without worrying about getting the symptoms.

Rotacaps are capsules of powdered medication which are placed in a Rotahaler. A Rotahaler is an inhalation device that works when you breathe in. So, when you inhale, the Rotahaler release medication from the rotacap capsules. When inhaled correctly, the medication directly reaches the small airways in the lungs. This increases the chances of this medication working in a better way.  The portable size of the inhaler makes it a desirable technique for inhalation treatment.

Do not swallow the capsules. Check the prescription for directions before use. Place the capsule at the base of Rotahaler, twist the mouthpiece completely until you hear a click sound and breathe in deeply. Hold your breath for up to 1o seconds. If you find some powder left in the Rotahaler, repeat the process.

Remove the Rotahaler from its container and check the mouthpiece for foreign particles. Keep the device upright with a mouthpiece for foreign particles. Gently exhale. Close your lips around the piece. Inhale through your mouth as quickly and deeply as possible. Hold your breath for up to ten seconds; this will allow the medication to deposit in the airway. Resume normal breathing. After each inhalation, pull the two halves of the Rotahaler apart and dispose of the used capsules shell. Clean the device once every two weeks or as needed.

Tiova Rotacap may be unsafe to use during pregnancy. However, no evidence can show the product is harmful to the developing baby. Your doctor will discuss the risk and benefits before prescribing it to you. Few medicines may interact with Tiova Rotacaps; therefore, it is important to inform your doctor about all the medications you have been using.

The most common side effect of Tiova Rotacaps 18 mcg is dry mouth. If this bothers you, or appear serious, inform your doctor straight away. To overcome the problem, it is advised to drink plenty of water, carry sugar candy or maintain good oral hygiene. If you experience any unwanted effect associated with the use of this asthma medication, please let your doctor know. 

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    Active Ingredients : Montelukast Sodium
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