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Manufacturer Dabur, India

Shilajit Gold capsule Dabur is used as a rejuvenator and has been in practice for treating multiple disease conditions. It contains Shilajeet, a powerful aphrodisiac that helps solve various sexual weaknesses in males. From ancient times, Shilajeet has been improving men’s health. It offers ample benefits like boosting energy and stamina and solving age-related health complications.

Shilajit Gold capsules are one of the most recommended drugs used to treat disorders like:

   — Premature ejaculation

   — Erectile dysfunction or impotence

   — Ageing

   — Low stamina

   — Sexual vitality

   — Sexual debility

   — Decreased libido

   — Low energy production


It comprises more than 85 minerals, vitamins, Fulvic acid and phytonutrients. It improves blood circulation, energizes the body to achieve libido and stamina, and prolongs performance. Fulvic acid and other minerals help transport nutrients into deep tissues. This helps overcome fatigues, tiredness, and detoxifies the blood. Shilajeet aids proper blood circulation to the penile nerves and causes an erection. Shilajeet improves metabolism, encourages body energy production, and maintains the equilibrium of catabolism and anabolism. It stimulates the immune system and blood formation in the body.

This medicine is meant to be used after the doctor’s recommendation. Always follow the doctor’s instructions. The usual recommended dose is 300 – 500 mg daily for general well-being.

It is advised to take this supplement with milk twice daily to experience desired effects. Shilajeet gets slowly metabolized and reaches a maximum level in the blood after 12 to 14 hours of consumption.

You should not take Shilajit if you are:

   — Allergic to Shilajit

   — Prone to allergies

Use this product as long as your physician asks you. Consult your physician as the dose can be adjusted from time to time depending upon how your body responds to this supplement.

It is an impeccable natural product with negligible or no side effects. Consult your doctor before taking Shilajit to avoid any unwanted side effects.

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