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US Brand Name Miraprex
Strength 1mg
Generic Name Pramipexole

Pramipex 1 mg is a prescription medicine used to treat Parkinson’s disease. It provides relief of signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The signs of the disease include shaking, muscle stiffness, mood changes, and slowness in performing activities of daily living. The anti-Parkinson’s drug is effective in both early and late stages. When it comes to treating the late stage, your doctor will prescribe Pramipexole in combination with levodopa.

Pramipex tablets are also effective in treating moderate to severe restless legs syndrome, which occurs for no reasons. Signs and symptoms of the medicine include a controllable urge to move the legs, usually accompanied by unpleasant leg sensations. The symptoms usually begin or worsen during a period of rest or inactivity. Symptoms occur only in the evening or night. You may also experience trouble falling asleep or occasional jerky legs or arms while sleeping.

Pramipex contains Pramipexole, which belongs to the group of drugs known as dopamine agonists. These drugs are known to improve some of the chemical imbalance in the part of the brain affected by Parkinson’s disease

Consult your doctor to find the daily suggested dose of Pramipex. Your doctor will gradually increase your dose to avoid side effects and to achieve the best therapeutic results. Your doctor may decide to lower the dose of levodopa to make sure you are getting the best results from both medications. Follow your doctor’s instructions and never make changes in your dosing regimen by yourself. Your doctor’s approval is necessary when it comes to making dose adjustments.

Pramipex 1 mg should not be used if you are allergic to Pramipexole or any other medicine ingredients. Pramipexole is not suitable for children under 18 years of age. The anti-Parkinson’s drug does not usually affect people’s normal activities. However, some people may feel sleepy during the treatment, especially during the first few treatment weeks. Clinical studies show that people with Parkinson’s disease are at increased risk of developing melanoma compared to normal people. It is still not understood if this problem is associated with Parkinson’s disease or the medications used to treat Parkinson’s disease. Patients should know the excessive sexual activity, compulsive shopping, or binge eating have been reported.  

You should be aware that prescription medicines carry some risks and all that possible risks that may be unknown. Discuss with your doctor the risks of taking Pramipex 1 mg against the expected benefits. If you develop any unwanted effect while you are taking Pramipexole, be sure to tell your doctor. Your doctor should be aware of all your unwanted effects to determine the best dose for you. Pramipex may cause unwanted effects such as dizziness, constipation, nausea, fatigue, restlessness, weight decrease, dream abnormalities, amnesia, dizziness, confusion, pneumonia, headache, aggressive behaviour, etc. If you take medicine for restless legs syndrome, you may notice an increase in your symptoms early in the morning or the afternoons. If this happens to you, consult your doctor straight away.

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