Nevanec Eye Drop 5ml

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SKU 722
Strength 5ml
Generic Name Nepafenac Opthalmic solution
Manufacturer Alcon Labs, India

Nevanec Eye drops 5ml is used to treat pain and swelling of the eye following cataract surgery. It contains the active ingredient Nepafenac 0.1%, a topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). Tell your ophthalmologist if you are allergic to aspirin or other NSAIDs. Use a single thrice daily unless you have been told otherwise. Your eyes may become more sensitive to sunlight than usual. If this happens, wearing sunglasses may help.

Your eye doctor or eye ophthalmologist will tell you how much of this medicine and how often to use it. Please do not use more of this medication or use it more often than prescribed by your doctor. This NSAID is not for long-term use. Keep using the drug for at least two weeks unless your ophthalmologist tells you otherwise. This medicine can be used with other eye medications. Wait for at least five minutes before using another eye medication. If you wear contact lenses, remove them before using this medicine. Talk to your ophthalmologist if you have questions regarding the use of this medicine.

To use Nevanec eye drop:

    — Shake the bottle well before each use.

    — Tilt the head and press your fingers gently on the skin, just beneath the lower eyelid, away from the eye, to make a space. Drop the medicine into the space. Leave the eyelid and close your eyes. Do not blink. Close your eyes for a few minutes to allow the medication to get absorbed into the eye.

    — Wash your hands immediately after using the eye drops.


The amount of medicine that you use depends on the individual’s condition. Follow your eye doctor’s instructions carefully when using this medicine.   

    — Tell your ophthalmologist if you are allergic to Nevanec, aspirin or NSAIDs.

    — It is good to inform the doctor if you are suffering from any medical conditions such as dry eye syndrome, arthritis, bleeding or blood clotting disorder, diabetes etc. He will decide if you are still fit to use the eye drop even after the conditions mentioned earlier.

    — The eye drops should be restricted to 14 days after the cataract operation is over unless otherwise prescribed by your eye specialist.

    — If you use contact lenses, never put the eye drops while still wearing the contact lenses. There should be a gap of 15 minutes between removing the lenses and putting the medicine.

    — If you use another topical eye medication, instil at least five minutes before or after installing Nepafenac eye drops.

    — Take care not to touch your eye, fingers, or any other surface with the tip of the bottle. This could contaminate the drop left at the surface.

A burning or stinging sensation may be caused for about 1-2 minutes after the eye drop is applied. Headache and redness in the eye are common symptoms when the eye drop is applied. However, if the above conditions persist for long, it is best to seek medical attention.

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