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US Brand Name Naprosyn
Strength 500 mg
Generic Name Naproxen
Manufacturer RPG Life Science

Naproxen is a used to reduce the hormones that cause inflammation in the body. It is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug that reduces pain in the body. This drug is used for relief from pain caused by various health conditions such as bursitis, menstrual cramps, spondylitis, arthritis, ankylosing, tendinitis, and gout, etc.

Indications and Usage

The drug Naproxen is indicated for the treatment of osteoarthritis, tendinitis, rheumatoid arthritis, acute gout, and ankylosing spondylitis. It is also used for the relief of mild to moderate pain and the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea.
Most of the inflammatory disease occurs when the immune system of the body triggers inflammation by mistake in the absence of infections like inflammation of the joints in case of arthritis disorder.

Dosage and Administration

1. Recommended dose:

Take Naproxen as instructed by your doctor. The dose may vary person to person, depending on the intensity of the problem.

2. Method of administration:

Naproxen tablet should be swallowed with a glass full of water. Do not chew or crush the tablet as doing so, will damage the enteric coating of the tablet which is made specially to protect your intestines. When you buy Naprosyn 500 mg online, take a note of the administration instructions mentioned here. Also, follow the directions given by your doctor.

3. Missed dose:

If you miss one or more doses; take your next dose at the normal time and in the normal amount. Do not take more than the dose you have been prescribed.

4. Overdose:

If you think you or someone else has overdosed, get medical help right away. Even, if there are no symptoms, consult your doctor.

Forms and Strengths

Naproxen is a drug that is available in 500 mg strength under the brand name Naprosyn. You can buy Naprosyn 500 mg from our website at an absolute lowest price.


The drug is contraindicated in:

Patients with known hypersensitivity to Naproxen
Patients who have experienced urticaria, asthma, or allergic-type reactions after taking Aspirin or other NSAIDs.
Before buying Naprosyn 500 mg tablets online, it is necessary to do a thorough research on its ingredients.

Warnings and precautions

Naproxen may cause an increased risk of serious cardiovascular thrombotic events, stroke, and myocardial infarction. The risk may increase with the duration of use. Patients with cardiovascular events or risk factors for cardiovascular events may be at greater risk. To decrease the risk of an adverse cardiovascular problem in patients treated with Naproxen, the lowest effective dose should be used. Patients should remain vigilant for the development of such problems, even in the absence of previous cardiovascular events.

 Naproxen can lead to the onset of new hypertension or worsening of pre-existing hypertension. The drug should be used with caution in patients with high blood pressure. Blood pressure should be regularly monitored during the initiation of the treatment and throughout the course of treatment.

Edema and fluid retention may also occur during the treatment with Naproxen. The drug should be used with caution in patients with heart failure and fluid retention.

They may also cause gastrointestinal adverse events including ulceration, bleeding, and perforation of the stomach. Naproxen should be taken with extreme caution in those with a prior history of gastrointestinal bleeding or ulcer disease. Let your doctor know about the exact medical condition and medical history. Even if you plan to buy Naprosyn 500 mg online, first speak to your doctor.

Side effects

Side effects are a common sighting with Naproxen drugs. Some of the common side effects that one can face are:

Upset stomach
Chest pain
Blurred vision

Some other side effects of the drug usage may include:

Problems with balance
Slurred speech
A bloody cough or vomit
Unusual weight gain
Less urination
Black, tarry, or bloody stools
Mood changes
Change in the behavior
Cardiovascular events such as stroke or a heart attack
Stomach bleeding

Tell your doctor if you have any side effects that bothers you or does not go away.


Naprosyn comprises of an active ingredient Naproxen that works by reducing the hormones that cause inflammation in the body. It reduces the pain caused by hormones in the body.

Use in specific populations:

1) Nursing women:

The drug has been found in the milk of lactating women. Because of the possible adverse effects of Naproxen on neonates, use in nursing mothers should be avoided.

2) Pediatric use:

The safety of Naprosyn tablets in pediatric patients has not been established.

3) Geriatric use:

Elderly patients should consult their doctors before using the medicine. The doctors usually recommend a very low dose for geriatric use.

4) Hepatic impairment:

A patient with signs and symptoms of liver dysfunction, or in whom an abnormal liver test has occurred, should be evaluated for the development of more severe hepatic reaction while on treatment with Naproxen. If signs and symptoms are consistent with the development of liver disease, Naproxen should be discontinued. If you have any doubt, please ask your doctor.

5) Renal impairment:

Naproxen is not recommended for use in patients with moderate to severe renal impairment.

Storage information

Naproxen should be stored in a safe place that is away from heat and moisture. Do not refrigerate. Keep it out of the reach of children and pets. Do not keep the medicine out in the open.


RPG Life Science manufactures the drug Naproxen. It is a pharmaceutical company, producing a wide range of medicines. Its brands are highly trusted by healthcare providers and patients.

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