Montair Chewable Tablets 4mg

Montair Chewable Tablets

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US Brand Name Singulair
Strength 4mg
Generic Name Montelukast Sodium

Montair chewable tablets of 4 mg are indicated:

  1. To prevent and treat chronic asthma in adults and pediatric patients twelve months and older.
  2. To prevent exercise-induced bronchoconstriction in patients six years of age and older.
  3. For the relief of symptoms of seasonal allergic rhinitis in patients two years of age and older and perennial allergic rhinitis in patients six months of age and older. 


Montair chewable tablets 4 mg contains Montelukast sodium that blocks certain substances called leukotrienes in the body that cause narrowing and swelling of airways in the lungs. By blocking leukotrienes, Montelukast improves asthma symptoms and helps control asthma and other associated symptoms.

It is important to take medicine exactly as your doctor has told you. Check with him if you have any doubts about the medicine's usage. You or your child should take Montair tablet as per the prescription. The tablet is to be chewed before swallowing, and the medicine should not be taken immediately with food; it should be taken at least an hour before or two hours after food. The medicine should not be taken even when you or your child has no symptoms or develop an acute asthma attack. Montelukast is only effective in treating your or your child's asthma if you or your child continues to take it. It is important to continue to take it. Therefore, it is important to continue taking medicine as long as your doctor prescribes it.

Montair chewable tablets should not be used in patients with hypersensitivity to any components of this product. It should not be used to reverse bronchospasm in acute asthma attacks, including status asthmatics. Patients are advised to use the appropriate rescue medicine available. Treatment with Montelukast can be continued during an acute worsening of asthma. Patients who have worsening asthma after exercise should always carry a rescue inhaler.   

While inhaled corticosteroids may be reduced gradually under a doctor's supervision, Montair chewable tablets should not be abruptly substituted for oral or inhaled corticosteroids. Those with known aspirin sensitivity should continue avoidance of aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents while taking Montelukast. Neuropsychiatric events have been observed in adults, adolescents, and paediatric patients taking Montair chewable tablets. Reports with this medicine include aggressive behaviour, anxiousness, depression, restlessness, suicidal thinking, hallucinations, insomnia, tremor, irritability, dream abnormalities, and disorientation. Patients should notify their doctor about these changes (if they occur).

The most common side effects in clinical trials found fever, headache, abdominal pain, cough, diarrhoea, influenza, sinusitis, otitis, upper respiratory infection, and pharyngitis. Speak to your doctor immediately if you develop serious side effects for which you may need urgent medical treatment. Serious side effects include depression, seizure, mood-related changes, and allergic reactions (swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat, which may cause swallowing or breathing issues.

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