Imatib 400mg

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SKU 531
US Brand Name Imatib
Strength 400mg
Generic Name Imatinib

Imatinib is an anticancer medicine used to treat certain leukaemia and other types of blood cancer. It also helps treat gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GIST), Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans.

GIST is a type of tumour that grows in the walls of the digestive passage and spreads to the other body parts, while Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans is the cancer of the top layer of skin. Imatib contains Imatinib, which belongs to a class of medicines that are known as kinase inhibitors. It works by controlling the activity of certain naturally occurring stuff that may be required to help cancer cells multiply. This prevents the multiplication and spreading of cancer cells.

Imatib 400 mg will only be prescribed to you by your doctor, who is experienced in treating blood cancers or solid tumours. Stick to your doctor’s advice; follow the directions carefully, even if they differ from the general information contained in this information guide. Take the tablet at the same time each day; doing this will help you avoid any misuse. Taking the tablet each day should become your habit until the time prescribed by your doctor.

Do not take Imatib if you are allergic to Imatinib or any other ingredients in the medicine. If this applies to you, tell your doctor without taking the Imatinib tablet. If you think you may be allergic but are unsure, please ask your doctor for advice.  


Talk to your doctor before taking Imatib tablets:

   — If you have ever had or might have hepatitis B infection. Imatinib may cause hepatitis B to become active again, which can sometimes be life-threatening.   

   — If you have or have ever had a kidney, liver, or heart problem

   — If you are taking levothyroxine medicine because your thyroid has been removed.


If you experience fever, bruising, bleeding, fatigue, and confusion when taking Imatinib, consult your doctor. This could be an indication of blood vessel damage. Certain drugs may react with Imatinib to cause serious health issues; hence, such drugs are often prohibited from being used with Imatinib. Ask your doctor for the complete list of the drugs to be avoided with Imatinib. Common drug interactions are carbamazepine, amiodarone, clarithromycin, diltiazem, simvastatin, verapamil, phenytoin, sleeping pills, tranquillizers, erythromycin, and fluvoxamine.

There are some side effects of this drug Imatinib; if you feel uncomfortable, then see your doctor immediately. These side effects are diarrhoea, hives, vomiting, anxiety, rash, dry skin, mouth sores, night sweats, teary eyes, weakness, tiredness, change in eye vision, muscle cramp, loss of appetite, irritation, nausea etc.

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