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US Brand Name Precose
Strength 25mg
Generic Name Acarbose
Manufacturer Bayer HealthCare AG

Description of the drug:

Acarbose is an antidiabetic drug that is generally prescribed for people afflicted with type 2 diabetes. It is used in combination with insulin or other oral diabetes drugs to help manage the condition effectively. It may also be given for conditions that are not mentioned here.

Indications and Usage:

The medicine works by reducing the metabolism of carbohydrates in the body; this in turn helps to control the blood sugar levels. Keep in mind Acarbose will not help control your diabetes problems single-handedly. It is important that you stick to a proper diet, exercises and weight control methods while on the medication. If you do not follow any of these, it can lead to dangerous conditions. You may also need other drugs to manage the condition.

Dosage and Administration

1. Recommended dose:

Acarbose medication should be taken strictly as prescribed by your doctor. Do not change the course of the medication in any way. Your doctor will recommend the dosage after taking into account your age and severity of the condition. Your doctor may increase or decrease the dosage during the duration of the treatment as per the requirements.
The medicine may be changed by your doctor in certain conditions such as infection, illness or if you have a scheduled surgery or an emergency. Remember, no matter what, you must not change the dosage yourself.

2. Method of Administration:

The medicine is generally taken with the first bite of the main meal unless advised by the doctor to ingest in any other way. While taking the medicine, you will have to keep a watch on the blood sugar levels. You may also need to undergo some tests.
When you buy Glcobay 25 mg online, make a note of the administration instructions mentioned here. Also, follow the directions given by your doctor.

3. Missed dose:

In case you miss a dosage, take it as soon as you remember. However, keep in mind to take some food along with your medicine. Do not take the medicine between meals. Also avoid taking extra medication to compensate for the missed dose.

4. Overdose:

Call the doctor immediately if you overdose. Some symptoms of an overdose may include gas, stomach discomfort or bloating. In case of an overdose, avoid starchy foods that contain carbohydrates.

Forms and Strengths

• Form: Tablet
• Strengths: 25 and 50 mg


The medicine is classified as FDA pregnancy category B. This implies that it is not harmful to the unborn baby if you are pregnant. However, talk to your doctor if you are pregnant or are breast feeding your baby.

Warnings and precautions:

Stay away from alcohol while you are taking the medicine; it can reduce the blood sugar drastically.

Refrain from taking a digestive enzyme, including pancreatic amylase or lipase at the same time as taking Acarbose.

When you take the medicine together with insulin or other diabetes medicines, it can cause hypoclycemia or very low blood sugar, especially if you miss a meal, engage in severe exercises, drink alcohol, or are under stress. Some symptoms of low blood sugar include irritability, hunger, headache, weakness, tremors, sweating, or concentration troubles. It is imperative that you keep some sources of sugar handy, such as candy, glucose tablets, orange juice, or milk to counter these side effects.

Stay away from the medication if you are allergic to Acarbose or if you are afflicted with diabetic ketoacidosis. You should also avoid the medicine if you have problems in your alimentary canal, including inflammatory bowel disease, an ulcer or blockage in your intestines, or liver cirrhosis.
Let your doctor know about your exact medical condition and medical history. Even if you plan to purchase Glucobay 25 mg online, first speak to your doctor.

Side effects:

Some allergic reactions to the medicine can include breathing issues, hives, swelling of the lips, face, tongue or throat among others
Severe side effects of the medicine may include:

Constipation or severe stomach pain
Bloody or watery diarrhea
Nose bleeding
Bleeding through rectum, mouth or vagina
Stomach pain
Loss of appetite
Dark urine

Some common side effects of the medicine are:

Stomach aches
Mild diarrhea
Mild itching or rash on the skin

There may be other side effects too that you may experience. Consult your doctor if you notice any of the side effects.

Drug Interactions:

Some drugs to avoid include isoniazid; diuretics; birth control pills and other hormones; steroids; diet pills or medicines to treat ADHD; thyroid medicine; colds or allergies; niacin; phenothiazines; heart or blood pressure medicines such as amlodipine, diltiazem, verapamil, or others. Inform your doctor if you are using any of these medications. Let your doctor know if you are taking insulin or other diabetes medications such as glimepiride, glipizide, glyburide, or others.


Glucobay contains the active ingredient Acarbose, an antidiabetic agent work by slowing the activity of certain chemicals that break down food to release glucose into your blood. Slowing the process of food digestion, helps keep blood glucose from rising very high after meals.

Storage information:

Store Acarbose in a dry and cool place, away from the moisture and heat. Keep it away from pets and children.


It is manufactured by Bayer, a German multinational pharmaceutical and chemical company founded in Barmen, Germany.

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