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Volibo R 0.2/1Mg

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SKU 2606
US Brand Name Voglibose R
Generic Name Voglibose / Repaglinide
Manufacturer Ajanta Pharma India

When other medicines and lifestyle changes are not enough to manage your diabetes, Volibo R 0.2/1 mg may be an option. You may need Volibo R and healthy eating and physical activity to manage your Type 2 diabetes. You can take this antidiabetic agent orally by mouth. The oral medication acts to lower the sugar level in the bloodstream. Each Volibo R 0.2/1mg combines repaglinide and Voglibose as the active ingredients. Repaglinide helps your pancreas secrete more insulin hormone, which lowers blood sugar, while Voglibose delays the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, thereby reducing blood sugar. The excellent safety profile and tolerability, coupled with moderate efficacy, make them suitable for use as monotherapy. 

Take Volibo R 0.2/1 mg the same way your doctor has prescribed you. In general, the dosage is based on your medical condition and your response to the treatment. Your doctor will decide the best dose. Stick to your doctor’s regimen for best results. Do not stop taking it without asking your doctor.

Do not take Volibo R 0.2/1mg if you are allergic to Repaglindie and Voglibose or any other medicine ingredients. Also, avoid taking the combination diabetes medicine if you have Type 1 diabetes, severe liver disease, or diabetic ketoacidosis (when blood acid level in your body is raised). Talk to your doctor if you have kidney problems, severe illness, liver problems, or you are about to have major surgery. The oral antidiabetic medicine may affect your ability to drive or operate machines if your blood sugar is low or high. Keep in your mind that you could endanger yourself or others. Please, speak to your doctor about whether you can drive or not if you have frequent hypoglycaemic episodes or have signs of low blood sugar.

Side effects are problems that result from a pharmaceutical agent. Some diabetes medicines, including Volibo R 0.2/1mg, can cause hypoglycaemia (low blood glucose) if you do not balance your medicines with foods and activity or take other antidiabetic drugs. Ask your doctor how you can treat episodes of hypoglycaemia. Other side effects of the medicine are upset stomach and weight gain. Take Volibo tablets exactly as your doctor has instructed you to help prevent side effects and diabetes complications.


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