Sibelium 10mg

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SKU 2222
US Brand Name Sibelium 
Strength 10mg
Generic Name Flunarizine
Manufacturer Encore HealthCare, India

Sibelium 10 mg is used to prevent classic (with aura) or common (without aura) migraines. It is also effective in the symptomatic treatment of vestibular vertigo. Each tablet contains 10 mg of Flunarizine hydrochloride. Flunarizine is categorized under the class of drugs known as calcium channel blockers, which prevent the narrowing of blood vessels. This way reduces the number of migraine attacks as well as their severity. The medicine prevents migraine when treatment with other medicines have been unsuccessful. It should be used regularly under medical supervision to prevent attacks. The antimigraine drug is not used to treat acute migraine attacks. It may take several weeks or months to observe the full effects of the medicine. For periods longer than 12 months, the antimigraine agent has been shown to continue to be effective in preventing migraines. Your doctor will regularly assess your condition and response to the treatment, and if an attack-free period is established, interrupted flunarizine therapy may be considered. The medicine is effective for adults and the elderly (18 years of age and older).

Treatment is started at 10 mg daily dose for adults aged 18 to 64 years, and if depressive, extrapyramidal, or other unacceptable side effects occur during the treatment, treatment should be discontinued. In general, doctors prescribe Flunarizine tablets once daily.

If no significant improvement occurs after two months of the treatment, the patient should be considered a non-responder, and treatment should be discontinued. If the patient is responding to the treatment and maintenance treatment is required, the same dose should be administered five days a week. Even if the preventative maintenance treatment is tolerated and successful, it should be interrupted after six months and should be restarted only if the patient relapses.

Speak to your doctor before taking this Flunarizine tablet if you have a history of depression, Parkinson’s disease, liver damage, are intolerant of lactose, pregnant or breastfeeding. Follow your doctor’s instructions when it comes to taking medicine. Some medicines may affect the mechanism of action of Flunarizine. Discuss with your doctor if you have any doubts about the usage of the drug. The antimigraine drug should not be used in patients younger than 18 years of age. Elderly patients should discuss the risks and benefits of taking this antimigraine agent with a doctor.

All prescription medicines have side effects, but not everyone experiences them. Commonly reported side effects of Sibelium 10 mg to include increased appetite, tiredness, depression, blocked nose, breast pain, muscular pain, stomachache, constipation, and irregular periods. Other side effects include muscle stiffness, trembling, unusual tongue movement, jaw, face, mouth, throat, or pain.

It is important to follow all the directions of your doctor. Let your doctor know specifically that you have not experienced weight gain, abnormal movements, mood disturbance, or any other potential side effects before or during the treatment.


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