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Guidelines for Reviewers

Constructive feedback helps businesses to engage and improve their service experience to benefit everyone. We appreciate your willingness to take time away from your busy schedule. People who had a genuine buying or service experience can help others in their purchasing decisions and simultaneously helping us to provide a better service. Useful reviews reflect genuine experiences had by people. There are rules about what should and should not be posted when you leave a review. This document aims to provide general guidelines on writing a review; we hope this will help you.

Who can write

Any buyer can write a review on product/s and services they have purchased/experienced from our website. Writing a review on a product/service can be valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. You can leave a review if you buy something, have a phone conversation, online chat, or otherwise use our product. It gives all consumers a powerful voice to express one’s views and a way to listen, respond, and continually improve. This builds a strong relationship between buyer and seller, which happens in a transparent environment with no censorship. Consumers write about their buying or service experience and rate our website accordingly. A genuine review describes an overall experience that supports the readers and helps the website to do its best. Customers reviews that are honest and provide details and information are valuable.

Keep it real

Your reviews should be about your own experience. Your review should not be about a company you are employed in or is a competitor to a business you own. You should not review if you are strongly associated with it. Write reviews that are based on facts and your own experiences. Stand by your words or statements because we do not take sides in disputes. 

What you need to verify your review

Providing documents that show purchasing or service experience helps verify that a reviewer has had an experience with us. Hold onto documents like order confirmations, receipts, delivery notes, screenshots of your logged, email conversation, phone call history, text messages etc. This supports creating a more trustworthy online review.

Play by the rules

Freedom of speech gives everyone equal rights to express their thoughts, but there is a line between appropriate and inappropriate. Publishing a review online means it is going to be public. Even if you have a negative experience, adopt a descent approach; use a sober tone to express your views. Simple leave your review whatever you had experience and let the readers draw their conclusions.   

Keep it friendly

We trust that most users have good intentions. Our platform aims to build a transparent relationship with all our viewers/ customers. We inclined to deliver rich insights to help buyers in choosing the right products. So, it is important to balance competing responsibilities. Our review segment provides an equal right to everyone to tell their story, whether it is good or bad, but at the same time, we need to cut those statements that can harm one’s reputation or cause serious financial loss. Ultimately, the law prohibits defamatory words and statements. This includes those that are untrue or not yet proven to be true.

 Do not promote a company

We believe in keeping our reviewing policy fair and trusted enough for consumers ease. Endorsement or recommendations for any of the products or services should not be performed. So, you must not market or give a public declaration about a company, service, or product.

Keep your data secure

You play a crucial role in keeping your details secure, not letting the third person use them. You can do this by making sure you have strong security on your computer/mobile system. Take precautions to protect your confidential information (names, phone numbers, email, addresses, and anything else that could be used to track the identity of someone), and you must do the same for others as well.

A user account is a must

A user account is required as it needs to be attached to a valid and active email address that sometimes can be used to contact the reviewer directly. It can also notify when a website replied to a review one has written or asks for more information about the experiences you may have gone through with products or services. A user account also provides you with the ownership to update, edit or delete your reviews or write new reviews at any time.

Edit your reviews

Opinions can be changed with the flow of time. Reviews are users generated, which means who wrote the review can choose to edit or delete it at any time. You can find all the reviews you have ever written in one place and manage them.


All users can report a review that breaches the given guidelines. If someone is breaking the rules, we may temporarily hide the review or ask them to make necessary changes. Reporting tools being misused or unfairly reporting reviews will ultimately lead to the deletion of the account. If the user account is deleted, his/her reviews will also be deleted. With the help of an ultra-technique, we constantly monitor suspicious and fake reviews, and the smart software of our website will automatically remove them.

Writing a review is an open platform for everyone to collect feedback and gather insights. This reflects the genuine experience of real buyers. Thanks for understanding the guidelines; this collaboration can promote creativity and innovation. You can reach out to our customer support team in case of any queries. 


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