Requip XL 2 mg

Ropinirole Hydrobromide

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SKU 892
US Brand Name Requip
Strength 2 mg
Generic Name Ropinirole Hydrobromide
Manufacturer GSK, Spain

Requip XL 2 mg is a prescription treatment for patients with Parkinson’s disease. It contains the main ingredient, Ropinirole Hydrobromide, a dopamine agonist, an essential substance the brain needs for proper functioning. During Parkinson’s disease, dopamine levels in the brain decrease; Requip XL has the same effect as a dopamine chemical, which occurs naturally in the body. The medicine has been shown to positively affect people suffering from moderate to severe Parkinson’s disease.


Your doctor may prescribe Requip XL as a standalone medicine or another drug like levodopa. Take medicine as prescribed by the doctor. Never change the dosage or stop taking it without your doctor’s permission. To take the tablet, swallow it with a glass of water. Do not crush or break the tablet. Take medicine as recommended by your doctor. It should be taken along with a well-balanced diet of vegetables and fruits. You may feel nauseous or sick if you take the tablet without food; therefore, it is best to take medicine with food. You should take the tablet every day, so you do not forget to take the dosage. Take medicine for as long as the doctor recommends you. Do not stop taking medicine till your doctor tells you to do so.

You should stay away from Requip XL 2 mg if you are OR have:

      — Allergy to the ingredient of the drug

      — Pregnant, or are you planning to have a baby soon

      — Breast-feeding

      — Smoke

      — Severe kidney problems

      — Urinary issues

      — Enlarged prostate

      — Suffer from a serious bladder infection

      — Below 18 years of age

      — Severe heart condition

      — Serious mental or behavioural problems

      — Suffer from intolerance to certain sugars, such as lactose intolerance

      — The drug can impact your ability to operate machinery or drive. This medicine should not be administered to children above 18 years of age. Avoid

      — Tyramine-rich foods, supplements and beverages while taking Ropinirole Hydrobromide. Avoid smoking while taking the medication; your doctor might have to alter the dosage accordingly.

Some side effects of Requip XL 2 mg include Fainting, Agitation, Nausea, Stomach pain, Headaches, Swelling of the legs, Heartburn, Vomiting, Dizziness, Fatigue, Loss of appetite, sleep problems (insomnia), Postural hypotension, and High blood pressure. Inform your doctor immediately if any of these become bothersome or if you get any other side effects not mentioned here.


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