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SKU 874
US Brand Name Prandin
Strength 1mg
Generic Name Repaglinide

Rapilin 1 mg is an oral blood-glucose-lowering medicine of the class meglitinide used to manage Type 2 diabetes. It is indicated as an adjunct to diet and exercise to control blood sugar levels in adults. Antidiabetic medicine contains repaglinide, which helps your pancreas release more insulin hormone and lowers your body sugar. Treatment with Rapilin is usually started if diet, exercise, and weight reduction alone cannot control your blood sugar. Rapilin may also be given with metformin, another antidiabetic agent. It has been shown to lower blood sugar which helps to prevent complications associated with diabetes.

Always take Rapilin 1 mg exactly as your doctor has instructed you, and talk to him if you have any doubts about using the medicine. The medicine is available in the form of a tablet that you need to swallow with a glass full of water immediately before or up to half an hour before each main meal. Your doctor may adjust the dose as per your health condition. Do not take more repaglinide than recommended. 

Do not take Rapilin 1 mg if you are allergic to repaglinide or any other ingredients in this medicine. You should also avoid taking this medicine if you have type 1 diabetes, severe liver disease, a high acid level in your blood, or if you take gemfibrozil.    

Speak to your doctor before taking Rapilin 1 mg if you have the following:

   — Liver problems - Rapilin should not be taken by patients with moderate to severe liver disorder

   — Kidney disease - Repaglinide should be taken with caution

   — Major surgery - At such times, diabetes may be lost


Do not take this antidiabetic agent if you are under 18.

If you get hypoglycemia (low blood sugar): The symptoms include cold, pale skin, cold sweat, feeling sick rapid heartbeat, temporary change in vision, unusual tiredness, drowsiness, unusual tiredness, weakness, nervousness, difficulty in concentrating, feeling confused, feeling anxious, feeling very hungry.  

Inform your doctor if you are taking any other medicine for diabetes. If you take gemfibrozil, you should not take Rapilin 1 mg. Your body’s response to repaglinide may change if you take other medicines, especially medicines to treat depression, heart conditions, cancer, birth control pills, antifungal medicines, antibiotics, painkillers, antifungals, heart medicines etc. Consult your doctor to get the complete list of medicines that may interact with repaglinide.         

The most frequent side effect is hypoglycemia. Hypoglycaemic reactions are generally mild to moderate but may occasionally develop into unconsciousness or coma. If this happens, medical assistance is needed. Other common side effects include stomach pain and diarrhea. If you get any side effects, please talk to your doctor. This includes side effects not listed in this information guide.


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