Qutipin 200 mg


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US Brand Name Seroquel
Strength 200 mg
Generic Name Quetiapine Fumarate

Qutipin 200 mg contains the active ingredient quetiapine, categorized under the class of drugs Antipsychotics. It treats the following illnesses:


  • It is a severe mental disorder characterized by hallucinations, false perceptions, and bizarre beliefs. Such patients are unable to distinguish between reality and imaginative events.
  • Mania: Such patients with manic disorder include very excited, agitated, hyperactive, enthusiastic or have poor judgement, including aggressive.
  • Bipolar disorder: A kind of depression where you may feel depressed, lack energy, feel guilty, lose your appetite, and can’t sleep.  

You must take Qutipin 200 mg exactly as your doctor has told you. Check with your doctor if you are not sure how to take medicine. Doctors usually begin with the lowest dose. After that, the daily maintenance dose will depend on your illness and response to the treatment. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor before taking medicine. Depending on your illness, you will take your tablets once daily, at bedtime, or twice daily. Swallow the pills with a glass full of water. You may take the tablet before or after consuming the tablet. Avoid drinking grapefruit juice while taking Qutipin 200 mg tablets, as it can affect how the medicine works. Do not discontinue tablets even if you feel better unless your doctor advises you.

You should not take Qutipin 200 mg tablets:

  • if you are allergic to any other ingredients present in the medicine
  • If you take Erythromycin and clarithromycin, medicines for HIV, Nefazodone for depression, and Azole medicines for fungal infection

If you are unsure if any of the above applies to you, talk to your doctor. 


You should also speak to your doctor before taking quetiapine 200 mg tablets if:

  • You are someone with heart problems
  • You have blood pressure
  • You have problems with your liver
  • You have diabetes or have a risk of getting diabetes
  • You have ever had a fit
  • you are an older adult with Parkinson’s disease
  • You are an older adult with dementia
  • You have a history of alcohol or drug abuse
  • You have a history of blood clots


You should let your doctor know of severe complications such as:

  • Fits
  • Uncontrolled facial movements
  • Dizziness 
  • A long-lasting and painful erection
  • Muscle stiffness, severe sweating, or a lowered level of consciousness.
  • Have an irregular or fast and irregular heartbeat 

In adults, the most common side effects of Qutipin 200 mg include sore throat, abdominal pain, dry mouth, constipation, difficulty moving, weakness, and dizziness. Some side effects are only seen when a blood test is performed. These include changes in the number of certain fats or sugar in the blood, increased liver enzymes, decreased number of red blood cells, changes in the number of thyroid hormones in the blood, or decreased sodium in the blood.

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