Pyzina 750 mg

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SKU 843
US Brand Name Pyzina
Strength 750mg
Generic Name Pyrazinamide
Manufacturer Lupin, India

Pyzina 750 mg containing the active ingredient Pyrazinamide, an antibacterial drug used in the short course therapy of tuberculosis. It has an antibacterial activity which is essential for treating an infectious disease that mainly affects the lungs and, in some cases, other parts of the body. The medicine is extremely effective as an initial treatment of active tuberculosis in adults and children when combined with antituberculosis agents. Pyrazinamide is an important component of such therapy. Your doctor may also prescribe it after treatment failure with other primary drugs from active tuberculosis. The medicine should not be used in conjunction with other effective medications used to treat tuberculosis.   

Pyzina should always be used with other effective medications used to treat tuberculosis. Your doctor may prescribe for the initial two months of a six-month treatment or longer as prescribed by the doctor. Pyzina 7550 mg is available in a tablet that should be swallowed with a glass of water or juice. Do not chew the tablets. Your doctor will decide the amount of medicine that is right for you. Antibiotic medicine should be used in combination with at least one other tuberculosis drug. It works by destroying the bacteria responsible for causing the infection. Make sure you use it in the dose and duration advised by the doctor. You may take it without regards to food, preferably at the same time each day. Sudden discontinuation may lead to treatment failure and increase the risk of side effects as well. Let your doctor know about any weight changes you notice during the treatment. Patients with concomitant HIV infection may require a longer course of treatment. If you think there is an overdose, call your doctor straight away. To get the most benefits, take the medication with food with a glass full of water.

Your doctor may monitor your liver function during the entire treatment. Do not consume alcohol as this may add to adverse effects on the liver. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should first consult their doctor before using the medicine. Pyrazinamide is contraindicated in people with severe liver problems, acute gout and who have shown hypersensitivity to it. The medicine should be discontinued if signs of liver damage or acute gouty arthritis appear. Sometimes taking Pyzina is not safe with certain other drugs and food. Taking them together may cause serious side effects. Be sure to tell your doctor about all the medications you use.  

Inform your doctor if you notice jaundice signs such as yellowing of the skin, joint pain, stomach pain, or dark urine. While receiving Pyzina 750 mg, you may also develop hepatitis, increased liver enzymes, and joint pain as side effects of the antibiotic medicine. Please speak to your doctor straight away as these side effects require medical attention and might need dose adjustment under the supervision of the doctor.


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