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Pyzina 500mg

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SKU 842
US Brand Name Pyzina
Strength 500mg
Generic Name Pyrazinamide
Manufacturer Lupin, India

Pyzina 500 mg contains Pyrazinamide, an antimycobacterial drug used in the current short course therapy of tuberculosis. This short course regimen have been implemented worldwide as the golden standard for the management of tuberculosis. The most frequently recommended medication is Pyzina. Tuberculosis mainly affects the lungs but gradually spreads to other parts such as the brain, kidney, spine, and bone marrow. Pyrazinamide disables energy production necessary for the survival of tuberculosis bacteria. It acts by killing the causative bacteria.

Pyzina 500 mg is available in a tablet, which should be swallowed with a glass of water, juice, or milk. Do not chew the tablet. One can crush the tablet and mix it with a small amount of yogurt as advised by your doctor. Your child begins to feel better and has fewer symptoms after taking this medicine for about 14 days. However, it is important to continue with the treatment until advised by the doctor. Your doctor may ask you to take Pyzina for two months along with other treatments. If your child becomes sick within 30 minutes after taking medicine, if your child gets sick again after taking the second dose, talk to your doctor right away. If you think if you have given too much Pyrazinamide, call your doctor immediately.

Pyzina 100 mg is available in the form of an oral tablet formulation. Follow your doctor’s advice when it comes to taking this antibiotic drug. Your doctor will decide the correct dose of the medicine depending on the condition and severity of your disease. Your doctor may prescribe it in combination with at least one other tuberculosis medicine. The antibiotic drug should be used in the dose and duration as advised by the doctor.  You can take the tablet before or after consuming food; prefer taking it at a fixed time interval to avoid missing doses. Do not discontinue treatment early, even if you feel better. Stopping the treatment too early can result in treatment failure and increase the risk of side effects too. Inform your doctor if you find any weight changes as the dose depends on the weight of the person’s body weight.

Let your doctor know for any prescription or non-prescription drugs you are taking, including vitamins and herbal supplements, before initiating Pyzina 500 mg. Inform your doctor if you are allergic to this tuberculosis medication or any of its components. You should tell your doctor if you have a history of kidney diseases, kidney disorders, high uric acid levels in the blood, undergoing dialysis, or alcohol use. Also, your doctor should be aware of your pregnancy status; if you plan to conceive or are a breastfeeding mother. Do not consume alcohol during the treatment as it might lead to liver problems.

Common side effects associated with the use of Pyzina 500 mg are loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, joint pain, hepatitis, or liver dysfunction. Contact your doctor if any of these side effects become bothersome or persists for a longer duration.


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