Pilocar Eye drop of 5 ml

Pilocarpine Nitrate

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SKU 797
US Brand Name Akarpine
Strength Eye drop of 5 ml
Generic Name Pilocarpine Nitrate
Manufacturer FDC, INDIA

Pilocar eye drop of 5 ml is a prescription treatment for patients with glaucoma and other eye conditions. Glaucoma is an eye disorder that results in optic nerve damage, which is required for proper vision. This damage occurs due to abnormally high pressure in the eye. It contains an active ingredient, Pilocarpine, which allows excessive fluid in the eye to drain from the eye, thereby reducing the elevated eye pressure. Pilocar eye drops cause a reduction in swelling and pressure inside the eye. This helps prevent the complications associated with glaucoma, such as blindness and improves vision. Pilocarpine drops also help reverse the effects of medicines that increase pupil size. The ophthalmic solution may be prescribed alone or in combination with other eye drops. However, the ophthalmic solution can’t be prevented.   

Instil drops into the eye according to the recommended dosage. Generally, one or two drops should be used. In cases of emergency treatment of acute narrow-angle glaucoma, a single drop should be used every five minutes for excessive construction of the pupil of the eye to be achieved. Hold the dropper near your eye without touching it. Gently squeeze it and place the ophthalmic solution inside the lower eyelid. Be sure to wipe off the extra liquid.  

Pilocar eye drop is contraindicated in patients with a hypersensitivity to any preparation component. It should not be used in patients with soft contact lenses should not use this formulation.


The ophthalmic solution causes difficulty with dark adaptation; therefore, caution must be taken during night driving and when hazardous tasks are undertaken in poor illumination. Patients should be advised not to drive or use machinery if their vision is blurred. The product may be unsafe to use during pregnancy. Your doctor will weigh the risks and benefits before prescribing the eye drops.  


Common side effects of Pilocar eye drops include itching, blurred vision, congestion-induced myopia; lens changes with chronic use, the sensation of the lids and conjunctiva, reduced visual acuity in poor illumination, retinal detachments, and hemorrhages. Some people may experience headaches and brow aches in younger patients recently starting treatment. These side effects usually are temporary and only last for a short time. However, if these symptoms persist or worsen, check with your doctor. It is not advised to drive after using the medicine.  


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