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Ovidac - 5000 i.u.

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Customer Reviews

Review by Michael
this HCG is exactly what my physician wanted me to use
while I'm on TRT. It works wonders and I highly recommend this
(Posted on June 12/2018)
Review by Nikkia
I am so in love with this pharmacy. Affordability is #1 to me, and that is what you get with Reliable. They have great, affordable products, and I have been a happy customer since 2010.
(Posted on July 24/2017)
Review by Debbie
This is the real HCH. Excellent customer service. Of course it takes a couple weeks to arrive through customs but it's well worth the wait, don't forget to order bacteriostatic water and syringes at same time. I mixed 10 ml of water with 5iu HCG and inject 2.5 ml daily for weight loss.
(Posted on July 16/2017)
Review by Tim
This product is sent with sodium chloride water in an is not meant for multi dose injections. I had to buy bacteriostatic water in exchange which cost me 20 bucks. Know what your getting. Otherwise a great product.
(Posted on May 03/2017)
Review by Nile
I took a pregnancy test on November 24th feb it was Negative. WOW
(Posted on March 16/2017)
Review by Tina
Top brands from reliable source
(Posted on March 10/2017)
Review by iris
Quality product at its best what else you want
(Posted on February 13/2017)
Review by Roxane
HCG helped in the development of the foetus during pregnancy. i am happy
(Posted on January 16/2017)
Review by Dorothy dale
Excellent product
(Posted on October 22/2016)
Review by Gerald
Bought several and just as good as ZyHcg I ordered before. No issues. Increased my testosterone and brought up my libido and help out with testicular shrinkage as it is supposed to do for men. F8t
(Posted on September 06/2016)

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