Neomercazole 5mg

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SKU 187
US Brand Name Neomercazole
Strength 5mg
Generic Name Carbimazole

Neomercazole 5 mg contains the active ingredient Carbimazole, which belongs to the group of medicines known as anti-thyroid agents. It is used to reduce the formation of thyroid hormones in adults and children with an overactive thyroid gland. The condition is often referred to as hyperthyroidism. Neomercazole can also be used in more serious cases, for example, to restore normal function of the thyroid before its partial removal by surgery. 

This medicine may also be used in combination with other treatments for hyperthyroidism.

Always take Neomercazole exactly as your doctor has told you. In case of any confusion, please check with your doctor. The tablet should be taken orally with a glass full of water. You can take the tablet before, after, or during meals. The total number of daily tablets you take may be divided into two dosage intervals (morning and evening) or three intervals (morning, afternoon, and night).   The recommended starting dose for adults is four to twelve 5 mg tablets daily. Once control is achieved, your doctor will gradually reduce your dose to one to three 5 mg daily. For children, the recommended starting dose is three 5 mg tablets daily. The dosage will be decided by your doctor as per the individual needs and may be changed at intervals during treatment. Do not make any changes to your dosing regimen without consulting your doctor first. Your doctor may add a tablet to help control your condition. Some improvement is usually felt within one to three weeks. However, the full effects usually take four to eight weeks. To maintain control of the thyroid gland, you may need to take Neomercazole tablets for several months. Your doctor will advise you about when to stop the treatment. Your doctor may conduct blood tests to help determine how you are responding to the treatment.

Do not take Neomercazole 5 mg if you are/have:

  — Severe liver disorder

  — Serious blood disorder

  — Hypersensitive to carbimazole or any other ingredients of this medicine

  — Allergic to other anti-thyroid medicines such as methimazole, thiamazole, and propylthiouracil

  — Inflammation of the pancreas after using carbimazole or thiamazole in the past.

Ask your doctor for advice before taking medicine. Neomercazole can cause harm to an unborn baby. If you are a woman of childbearing potential, use reliable contraception from when you begin and during the treatment. Inform your doctor immediately if you develop a fever or abdominal pain, which may be a sign of pancreas inflammation. Let your doctor know if you develop a fever or abdominal pain, which could indicate acute pancreatitis (acute pancreatitis). In this case, carbimazole may need to be discontinued.

Discontinue treatment and see a doctor right away if you notice any of the following side effects:

  • Mouth ulcers
  • Sore throat
  • High temperature or fever
  • Increased bruising or bleeding tendency
  • Significant tiredness
  • You are feeling generally unwell or suspect you have an infection

You may get side effects other than those mentioned above. Please consult your doctor if any side effects become troublesome or persist for longer.


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