Natclovir 250 mg


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US Brand Name Zirgan
Strength 250mg
Generic Name Ganciclovir

Natclovir 250 mg is used to prevent the recurrence of herpes cold sores, genital herpes, and other immune system-related problems in patients with HIV. It contains the active ingredient Ganciclovir, which is very effective against virus diseases as it can potentially stop the multiplication of viruses inside the body. The action of Ganciclovir is even very long-lasting; thus, it is one of the greatly preferred drugs. This drug has also proved to be very helpful in preventing CMC disease (cytomegalovirus infection) in patients who have undergone organ transplants.

The recommended dose of this drug for adults is 250 mg twice daily. This drug can be consumed either without food or after having proper meals. Natclovir is available as a capsule, making it easier to consume orally with sufficient water. Completely swallow this medicine with water. Do not chew it.

Please talk to your healthcare specialist before taking the Natclovir capsule along with other medications. This may lead to allergic reactions and other severe complications. The medicine may interact in patients with low blood cells count, bone problems, liver problems, kidney impairment, organ transplant rejection, cancer, and bowel disorder. Ganciclovir can affect alertness and coordination, so it is important to avoid operating machines requiring complete attention. You should also avoid driving immediately after taking this medication. It may cause slight dizziness or confusion. It is advisable to consult your doctor and then take the prescribed dosage of Natclovir if you are galactose intolerant or have a problem with glucose absorption or galactose.

Natclovir contains lactose as one of the secondary ingredients, which may cause some problems. You should give the doctor all the relevant information related to your medical background. Natclovir has been reported to cause severe hypersensitive reactions in some cases.

Commonly reported side effects are fatigue, nausea, fever, headache and dizziness. Talk to your doctor if you experience worsening side effects.



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