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Ivetab 6 mg

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SKU 2700
US Brand Name Stromectol
Generic Name Ivermectin
Manufacturer Cooper Pharma Ltd.

Ivetab 6 mg contains the active substance Ivermectin, an FDA-approved antiparasitic drug used to treat several neglected tropical diseases. It belongs to the family of avermectins that are specifically formulated to treat the following infections:

     — Treatment of intestinal Strongyloidiasis- It is an infection caused by the roundworm. Exposure occurs when the skin has direct contact with contaminated soil.     

     — Treatment of parasites in the tissues and blood caused by Wuchereria bancrofti. This is a parasitic infection carried and transmitted by the mosquito. It enters the bloodstream and settles in the patient's tissue and lymph, leading to fever and severe inflammation of the area where the parasite migrated.

     — Scabies

Ivetab has been widely used and is generally well tolerated for these indications. Ivermectin is not clinically proven for the treatment of viral infection. If the patient has intestinal worms, Ivetab 6 mg can destroy them, and patients may observe them being expelled during defecation.  

Ivetab 6 mg comes as tablets. Your doctor will tell you how many tablets you need to take. The dose depends on the type and severity of the infection. In general, a single dose is recommended that a patient needs to take it orally with a glass of water. When taking the tablets, swallow them with water on an empty stomach. Avoid having meals two hours before or two hours after administration. In children less than six years, tablets should be given in crushed form before swallowing. Carefully follow all directions given to you by your doctor. If you do not understand the dosage instructions given on your leaflet, call your doctor for help.

Do not use it if you have ever had an allergic reaction to Ivermectin or other medicine components. Tell your doctor if you have previous allergies to the Avermectin class of drugs. Your doctor should know your pregnancy status; inform your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Also, inform if you breastfeed a baby. Some medicines may interfere with Ivermectin and affect its mode of action.   

Like all medicines, Ivetab 6 mg can cause side effects, although not everyone who uses it gets them. Your doctor will discuss Ivermectin's adverse effects and explain the risks and benefits of using Ivetab 6 mg. Tell your doctor if you notice weakness, loss of appetite, diarrhoea, muscle pain, abdominal pain, headache, loss of appetite, sore throat, cough, tremor, redness of the eyes, dizziness, low blood pressure, worsening of bronchial asthma. If any of these become troublesome, contact your doctor immediately.

Get immediate medical help if you experience any of the following:

     — Visual disturbance

     — Accelerated heart rate

     — Swelling of lymph nodes

     — A feeling of respiratory discomfort

Tell your doctor if you notice anything else that may be making you feel unwell.  

Always talk to your doctor before discontinuing any of your medicine. This helps to avoid unwanted effects.


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