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US Brand Name Fosrenol
Strength 500mg
Generic Name Lanthanum Carbonate

Description of the drug

Lanthanum Carbonate is the main active ingredient present in the drug Fosbait 500 mg. This medication belongs to a category of drug known as phosphate binder, which prevents the body from absorbing phosphate; it is used to lower the phosphate levels in patients with end-stage kidney disease. A high level of phosphate makes it hard for the body to absorb calcium.

Indications and Usage:

Doctor highly prescribes this drug for the treatment of hyperphosphatemia, primarily in patients with chronic kidney disease.

Dosage and administration:

-Recommended dose:

The total daily dose of Fosbait should be divided and consumed with meals. The recommended initial total daily dose of Fosbait is 750-1500 mg in two to three divided doses. The dose should be moderated under the supervision of the doctor. Report your doctor after a regular time interval of 3 to 4 weeks. This medicine can be consumed along with other medication but only under strict supervision of your doctor.

-Mode of administration:

Fosbait 500 mg drug is available in the form of a tablet, and this makes it easier to be consumed orally with sufficient amount of water. Do not crush or chew the tablet. Swallow it completely.

Missed dose:

If you forget to take your medication, do take it as soon as you remember it. Within the case of any complications, please contact your doctor immediately.


If you are taking an additional dosage by mistake, do consult your doctor and do as instructed.

Forms and Strengths:

Lanthanum Carbonate is available in the form of a tablet and applies to the following strength/s:

  • Fosbait 500 mg

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Lanthanum Carbonate drug is reported to contraindicate in the following cases:

  • People who are allergic to Lanthanum Carbonate. 
  • Patients suffering from ulcerative colitis
  • Patients withCrohn’s disease
  • Patients are suffering from diabetes.
  • Patients with bowel obstruction
  • Patients having a history of colon cancer
  • Patients are having a history of intestinal surgery.  

Warnings and Precautions:

  • You should provide all the relevant information related to your medical background to the doctor. Fosbait 500 mg has been reported to cause severe hypersensitive reactions in some cases
  • Please consult your physician before taking this drug along with any other medications. This maylead to allergic reactions and other serious complications
  • Incase, if the patient has to undergo surgery make sure to inform your doctor beforehand. Anaesthesia can cause hypotension and will interfere with the working of this drug.
  • Avoid consuming Fosbait 500 mg drug before taking any laboratory tests. This medicinecontains some water soluble constituent that can increase the serum plasma levels
  • In case, you are suffering from any renal disorder, do inform your doctor before consuming this medicine. Lanthanum Carbonate drug can damage heart, and liver
  • Avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages and if you are already usingLanthanum Carbonate, Alcohol can alter the effectiveness of this drug
  • Avoid smoking if you are taking this medicine. Smoking can interfere with the operating mechanism of this drug
  • Whenyou buy Fosbait 500 mg drug online from our website, make sure to note down of all the instructions mentioned here and follow them strictly.




Side effects:

Fosbait 500 mg drug is known to have very mild and severe complications and some of the below-mentioned side effects:

  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Dyspepsia
  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhoea

Drug interactions:

Several drugs are reported to obstruct with the working of Fosbait 500 mg. Some of these drugs are:

  • Antacids containing calcium
  • Magnesium or aluminium containing antacids
  • Thyroid replacement medication
  • Ampicillin
  • Pravastatin
  • Perindopril
  • Oxytetracycline


Fosbait 500 mg drug is composed of the following main ingredient:

  • Lanthanum Carbonate 500 mg

Lanthanum carbonate is a phosphate binder that reduces absorption of phosphate by forming insoluble lanthanum phosphate complexes that pass through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract unabsorbed. Both serum phosphate and calcium phosphate product are reduced as a consequence of the reduced dietary phosphate absorption.


  • Store this drug under room temperature and aloof from moisture and heat
  • Keep this medication away from the reach of pets and children
  • Don’t refrigerate the medicine
  • Don’t discard the expired medicine without wrapping it properly



Fosbait 500 mg is manufactured by one of the global transnational pharmaceutical company namely Panacea Biotec.




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