Eyemist E/D 10 ml

Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
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US Brand Name HPMC E/D
Strength 10 ml
Generic Name Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose

Description of the drug:

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is the primary active ingredient present in the drug Eyemist E/D 10 ml. This drug is a semi-synthetic polymer and widely used ophthalmic medication in pharmaceutical industries. Other uses of this drug includes emulsifier, food additives, and animal gelatin. The use of eyemist E/D has been considered safe by the World Health Organization.

Indications and Usage:

It acts as an excellent lubricant material for cornea so, it is highly indicated to be used for protecting the cornea during orbital or any other surgery concerning the eyes.

Dosage and administration

-Recommended dosage:

The medicine should be taken as prescribed. If attainable, take the dose at a selected time every day; this may minimize the chance of a lost dose. One or two drops with the help of a dropper measure economical to alleviate you from the symptoms. Do not take under-dose, instead, take the prescribed dose.

-Mode of administration:

This drug is available in the form of eye drop. You should first lie down and open your eyes. Either allow someone to give the medicine or you can easily take 2 drops into the eye by yourself. Do not rub your eyes after taking the medicine.

-Missed dose:

If you miss one dose of this drug, you must not decide to double your next dose. Simply do follow the regular dosing schedule.


Please avoid taking extra drops into your eye. You will end up wasting the medicine with no stimulated effect.

Forms and Strengths:

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is manufactured as an eye drop and is available in the following strength:

  • Eyemist E/D – 10 ml

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Eyemist E/D 10 ml drug is known to be contraindicated with the following situation/s:

  • Allergic to the drug
  • Already pregnant or square measure about to conceive
  • Lactating mother
  • Sensitive to the other allergies
  • Serious liver downside
  • Severe nasal issues
  • Infections of the skin

Warnings and precautions:

  • You may have some side effects if you are very sensitive to the active ingredient of this drug. Please consult your doctor if the situation is severe
  • Please tell your doctor about any medication you have been taking or any medical condition you have been suffering from. Eyemist E/D 10 ml may not be advisable to be used with some of the medications
  • Before giving this medicine, one should be properly assessed for any renal or kidney problems. Administration of this drug can cause a prolonged medical complications in the persisting renal functions
  • Do not use this medicament in a large amount or more than it is prescribed. It is advised to use this medicament as per your doctor’s prescription

Side effects

Use of Eyemist E/D can cause some severe side effects like:

  • Red eye
  • Irritation in eye
  • Swollen eye
  • Change of vision
  • Blurred vision

 Drug interactions:

This drug has been reported to interact with the following drugs namely:

  • Herbal products
  • Any other Eye and Ear medication


Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is the main active ingredient present in the drug Eyemist E/D 10 ml.
This drug belongs to a class of medication called as artificial tears which are used to treat dry eye or irritation in the eye caused due to wind or sun.
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Storage Information

Store medication in a cool, dry place without moisture and out of the reach of children and your pets. Medicines must not be used after the expiry date. Do not refrigerate the medicine. Please dispose of the wrapper after properly covering it in a paper or packet at the proper place.


Eyemist E/D 10 ml is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Limited, which is a global healthcare company with its main headquarters in Gujarat, India.


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