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Topamac - 25mg

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Review by Amanda
(Posted on 1/1/2020)
"For my MS Symptoms "
Neurologist in my area are worthless. Did a load of research on my own and tried this for my MS symptoms. I had constant muscle twitches in every muscle of my body that would change to a different muscle every few seconds, painful muscle cramping in my lower legs, a headache above and behind my eyes for 8 months non stop that was worse when lying down and the most recent symptom of very sharp jagged stabbing pains that would suddenly come on anywhere on my body. If you’ve ever had an ice pick headache, it’s like that but throughout your body. This medication made all of those symptoms subside and I’m ever so grateful for it. I know this med carries a lot of scary side effects but the good outweighed the bad for me. The worst side effects I’ve experience is hypothermia to a small degree however it is winter time here right now so it may not be as bad come summer. I also get tingling hands and feet but it’s minimal and soda taste flat. I did lose about 5 pounds in the beginning and that was it. I started off taking 25 mg at night before bed since it made me very sleepy. As soon as I noticed I wasn’t getting tired from it anymore I started taking it in the morning and added another 25 mg to bed time so I’m taking 50mg total to curb my ms symptoms at this time. Again, very grateful for this medication. Not for everyone but certainly works for me.

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