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Sifasi-HP (Highly Purified) - 10000 i.u.

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1 Vial/s US$28.68US$ 28.68Add to cart
3 Vial/s US$28.68US$ 86.04Add to cart
5 Vial/s US$28.68US$ 143.40Add to cart
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Customer Reviews

Review by Kevin
(Posted on 1/6/2019)
"Best fricken. Hcg u can order online... Yes its real and safe "
This Hcg works.. 15 pounds in the first 9 days.

I know this website might seem. Sketchy. This works I use it.. I order 8 vials of. Hcg

Crappy websites saying it's fake and don't worry. About the e-check it's safe.. Im making this review because when I wanted to order this hcg I. Would. Have liked to see a review that confirmed that's its real. And safe.. My hcg came. From Singapore in less than 2 weeks.. And. Yes I'm a real person..

Donald. Trump is. The. President.. Aqua man is a great movie and Netflix and. Chill is. The life... And I love Chipotle sauce on all my subway sandwiches.. Now u know. I'm real. And this hcg is real too.. I want everyone to be able to enjoy this and lose weight I've bend doing it for almost the past 10 years on and off... This is the best alternative I Have found
Instead of. Googling. Hcg places near me. And. Having them. Charge me. 300 bucks for 40 needles.. Just order your hcg here buy some diabetic needles at Walgreenes or Walmart and u can buy vials and bacterio static water at a website called (content deleted) I do not work for them but they have everything u need check it out.

Cheers people

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Review by Andria, AR, USA
(Posted on 12/17/2013)
"Sifasi-HP (Novarel), HCG"
Received my order this morning (It took less than 2wks)!!!!!!!! Product is real (I tested it a minute ago)!!! Thank you Reliable Pharmacy for your Excellent Customer Service and fast shipping :-D !!!!!

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